'Arrow' Recap 'The Return,' Season 3 Episode 14, Oliver Revisits His Demons

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Last week on "Arrow," it was revealed that Oliver would be revisiting Lian Yu.

This week in "The Return," not only will Oliver have to face his time on Lian Yu, but he now has Thea with him and together they run into a sinister enemy.

Malcolm is able to orchestrate a situation that lands Thea and Oliver back on Lian Yu, the island he was trapped on for months. Even more difficult is the task that they have when they realize that Deathstroke is right there with them.

The flashbacks reigned supreme in this episode, especially when it came to Oliver and Maseo venturing back Starling City to retrieve the Omega bio weapon that Waller so heavily covets and wanted out of the hands of Chin Nah Wei.

As Oliver and Thea are on their quest Laurel, Felicity, Roy and Diggle are on watch to help keep the city safe.

Tonight's episode kicked off as an overview of the Lian Yu island comes into view with Oliver and Thea battling and training. Thea proves to be a very formidable opponent and it impresses her brother.

They share a meal together around a campfire and she asks him if it's weird being back there.

Thea thinks that it's cool that they are back on the island and asks Oliver if he thought he would be back home.

A Flashback shows Waller briefing Maseo and Oliver about Chin Nah Wei's arrival in Starling City. Waller threatens Oliver and Maseo if Oliver tries to contact anyone in Starling City while he was there. Maseo and Oliver begin their work, tracking and old family friend of Oliver's right to Chin Nah Wei's location.

In the the flashback, Laurel visits her father who was drinking his troubles away after the first time it was announced that Sara was dead.

Maseo tells Oliver that he has to break into his family's company to access information about Kang.

Thea wakes Oliver from his dream and asks him why he didn't tell her that Sara died.

Oliver tells her the truth, including the fact that Sara was part of the League of Shadows. Things get complicated when Thea realizes the League didn't kill her but Oliver walks away before anymore can be revealed.

Oliver climbs down to the ARGUS holding area that holds Slade, however, he notices that Deadshot has broken out of the facility and is on the island loose. With Deadshot loose there is an obvious threat to Oliver but more importantly Thea.

Deadshot is one of the biggest challenges Oliver had to face and not it looks like he has to revisit the demon that took his mother from him.

Oliver rushes to the top to find Thea who is carrying firewood. He tells her that Deadshot is loose on the island and revealed that he was keeping him there. Malcolm revealed to Oliver that he set Deadshot loose to teach Oliver a lesson about hesitating.

Another flashback of the first time Oliver saw his sister since the island starts as a young Thea visited her brother's grave.

She also tried to buy drugs, but Tommy stands in the way and takes the role of a big brother. He talks some sense into a young and bratty Thea, but she is still resistant.

Oliver brings Thea to an area where he hid a gun for her just incase, however, they are interrupted by Deadshot who knocks down Oliver and appears to have knocked out Thea.

Oliver wakes up in a cell with his sister and Deadshot tells them he has no desire to kill any of them. Deadshot tells them that he will fake their death and leave both of them the way he was left.

Deadshot brings up Shadow, the reason everything is happening. He tells Thea that her brother is hiding something else from her and walks away leaving them trapped.

In a flashback, Oliver remembers breaking into his own family's company in order to extract the information that Maseo needs to move on Chin Nah Wei. Oliver logs in to the database and begins running a program to extract the information, but finds two documents, one for him and one for Thea.

Maseo alerts Oliver that he has to go because someone (Felicity) was coming. He sees Felicity looking over the desk and calling him cute, well, the photo of him.

Waller is on Maseo's back, but when she notices Oliver gone Maseo has to lie about his whereabouts. Diggle is watching over Thea and he and his little brother happen to be the ones on guard.

The flashback is revealing a lot about the past of the characters we've come to know.

Tommy is alerted when Laurel interrupts his party, however, he is even more shocked when Thea enters the party after his previous scolding.

Oliver sees his sister buying drugs and ends up killing the dealer who sold them to her after his identity is compromised.

Thea is worried about how they are going to get out of the prison and Oliver assures her that he is working on a plan. Thea asks what Deadshot was talking about when he asked her if he told her about Shadow.

Oliver is now on a receiving end of questions and scolding, however, Thea says something that gives Oliver an idea.

He tries to get her to help and has to dislocate her arm so she could reach the button to unlock the cell. She does, and it looks like they will be home free.

Oliver and Thea scramble to get out of the underground cell to catch a plane back to Starling City. Another flashback occurs as the police including Detective Lance goes off on bother Thea and Laurel for being at a party and hanging around billionaire playboys, especially when one of them got her sister killed.

Laurel and her fathers relationship was extremely rocky and Maseo is able to track down Oliver.

He leads him away from the party and Oliver begs to get out of Waller's grip. Maseo tries to convince Oliver to make the right decision and not abandon the investigation, but Oliver refuses.

Meanwhile, in present day, Thea and Oliver run into a trap that Oliver himself set. He insists on them running to the plane but she tells him they need to rest.

Thea questions him one more time about why he won't tell her about Sara.

Oliver then caves and tells Thea that she killed Sara after being drugged by Malcolm. Thea is completely in shock and it looks like there are no more secrets between her and her brother, except for Shadow of course.

Back at the island, Thea is in completely disbelief and she tells Oliver he was right about Malcolm. She starts to breakdown and just when things couldn't get worst, Deadshot puts a gun to her head. Thea reacts and hurts him as Oliver tackles him and the two begin to fight.

Thea joins in and the brother and sister pair battle Deadshot. Just when Deadshot thinks he has the upper hand, Thea grabs a gun and points it at him.

Yet another flashback occurs with Oliver returning to his room. He uploads the files that he found at his family's company and it was a goodbye message from his father who admitted to failing the city. It's the first time Oliver received the instructions from his father on what to do with the names in the book. His father tells him to be better than he was and to save the city.

Chin Nah Wei meets associates, accompanied by Peter Kang who displays the Omega bio weapon. The bidding for the weapon is almost spoiled by Maseo, but he is captured and brought to Wei.

Oliver jumps in to save him and they begin to chase Wei, who orders the death of Maseo's wife and son. Oliver gives Kang a choice to make after they track down and stop Wei from escaping.

Oliver tries to talk Thea out of killing Deadshot. He tells her that she is not the killer Malcolm wants her to be but a gun goes off.

Thea inflicted a flesh wound to Deadshot who is lead back to his cell by the brother and sister team.

Deadshot actually has a pretty enlightening conversation with Oliver and tells him that his sister is gone. He also knows that Felicity is a huge part of Oliver's life and threatens her well being.

The final flashback shows Oliver presenting the evidence to Waller and telling her that it's over. Oliver meets a General who gives him some news he didn't want to hear. Oliver will have to travel back to China for debriefing before he is able to go anywhere else.

Laurel runs into Tommy again and he asks her out to dinner. The two actually had a pretty good relationship while Oliver was gone. Thea lays flowers at her brothers false grave.

In present day, Lance lays flower to Sara's grave and he looks as if he is going back down the alcoholic path. Laurel reminds him of a speech he gave her in the flashback, but Lance is completely broken up because she betrayed her trust.

Laurel asks him to go to a meeting, but he can't look at her and tells her that they can go to separate meetings.

It looks like she is going to drink the bottle of alcohol, however, she pours it out.

Thea and Oliver come back to town and he urges her not to tell Laurel because it would complicate things just like telling Laurel about Malcolm. Malcolm appears and Oliver and Thea are both angry at him for manipulating both of them.

Thea tells Malcolm to stop using Ra's Al Ghul as an excuse. She will only work with Malcolm until they can beat Ghul, however, she denounces him as her father.

"The Return" is a mental battle for Thea and Oliver, however, having each other in this episode of "Arrow" looks like it worked to their advantage. Malcolm's plan seems to be working to strengthen both Oliver and Thea for one of their toughest battles with Ra's Al Ghul.

With Thea being in the loop it's refreshing to see that she can no longer play the role of a weak, clueless and spoiled child.

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