'Arrow' Recap: 'Restoration' Season 4 Episode 3, Oliver and Diggle At Odds

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CWTV's Arrow is taking it back to Nanda Parbat this week. In "Restoration," the third episode of the fourth season, Thea and Laurel try to bring Sara back from the dead.

Oliver and Diggle still aren't getting any closer to the relationship they once had. However, they learn quickly that they are going to have to put the divide in the past after both their lives at risk chasing down Damien Darhk and his H.I.V.E. operative Double Down, a lethal card throwing meta-human.

Felicity has to balance working with Curtis at Palmer Industries and helping team Arrow. Laurel takes Thea on a trip to Nanda Parbat to ask her father in order to bring Sara back to life by using the Lazarus Pit.

Laurel believed that Nyssa would share the same desire but is shocked by the response she gets.

The episode kicks off with Diggle taking on a few ghosts and when he is taken down by one of them, the ghost actually lets him go and takes off. Oliver is fresh on the tail of the ghost but crashes the bike before he could reach them. Felicity hacks the controls at the construction site and traps one of the ghosts.

They catch the ghost before he can swallow his cyanide pill. The ghost shocks Diggle and escapes. Diggle says that if Thea and Laurel were there they would have had them and asks where they are.

Meanwhile, Nyssa and Malcolm are sparring in Nanda Parbat when they are interrupted by Laurel and Thea. Laurel says she wants Malcolm to bring her sister back to life. Malcolm says it has only been done in legend.

Nyssa says that she did not ask her father to save Sara for a reason and Malcolm issues a final no. Felicity asks the guys if it was fun and Diggle just hands her a tooth.

She seems to be trying to get the three of them, more so, Oliver and Diggle together however, Diggle hasn't come around yet. Oliver says he's done waiting for Diggle to come around.

Oliver remembers his time as a mercenary on an island where a woman tells him he is like a fish in water. She knows he is a rich kid. A prisoner tries to escape and Oliver takes him down but can't bare to see the prisoner hurt. An A.R.G.U.S. agent surprises Diggle at his home and gives him a photo of a woman who just got to the city. The woman has actually brought Double Down to Darhk where he is quick to show off his skills on the ghost who slipped Diggle and Oliver. Double Down says he will take out the Arrow and his friends, but for a price.

Nyssa tells Laurel that she doesn't wish for Sara to come back as a monster. Laurel says that her spirit, the part that they both love, they need to believe that it will return. Nyssa tells Laurel that she has accepted Sara's death and she needs to as well.

Felicity says that the DNA of the ghost has half the genetic marker it should have.

An alert comes in and Oliver races off to take on the challenge. Diggle is doing recon on the woman he is set to track and when he doesn't respond, Oliver has to take the alert on his own.

In a flashback Oliver meets someone who is trying to give him a rundown on how things go. Meanwhile, when something goes missing from the camp Oliver's new friend tells everyone of the mercenaries to round them up. In present day Oliver arrives at the false robbery and he finds Double Down who attacks him.

Diggle is almost killed but fights off the perpetrator who caught him. Oliver and Double Down are in a heated battle while Diggle is in his own battle elsewhere. Oliver manages to escape with just a slice on his arm.

Thea has a conversation with Malcolm who knows she is feeling the bloodlust. Malcolm tells her to give into the bloodlust and it will subside for a while. Thea is incredibly upset that her father would ask her to do such a thing. He tells her of a sage who has a way with the ancient arts of healing.

Malcolm will be taking the journey with her. Felicity cleans Oliver's cuts when Diggle finds out about the Meta-Human.

Felicity is upset at both Diggle and Oliver and scolds them. She treats them like children and forces them to talk to each other.

Diggle tells Oliver it isn't about forgiveness it's about not knowing how to move forward. Diggle doesn't think that they are out there together. Oliver says that he understands that he lost Diggles trust but doesn't understand why he doesn't get a chance to earn it back.

They begin talking about Mina Fayad, the woman who brought Double Down to Darhk.

In a flashback, Oliver and the other mercenaries are trying to find out who stole the product from them and begin killing them off one by one. Oliver suggests pain as an alternate option.

Felicity visits Curtis about the new products that he has developed to help save the company. She begins playing with all of the new tools and then issues him a side project to find out what the cards are made from. Felicity has to lie to Curtis about where she got the card. Diggle brings Oliver to the house and finally admits that Deadshot told him about the group of operatives called H.I.V.E.S. Fayad hired the man who tried to take Oliver out. Darhk is not happy about Double Down's failure and scolds Fayad. Darhk asks Double Down to try to kill him but he stops the card in mid air. Fayad is witnessing it for the first time and Darhk uses the card to kill Fayad. He then threatens Double Down's life if he fails again.

Thea is awaken by soldiers of the League and she kills both of them. Malcolm asks her how she feels after and she realizes that there is no sage or cure. He tells her that she needs to fulfill the bloodlust and that she won't feel the need to kill for weeks thanks to him.

Felicity traces Fayad's phone and finds the location.

In a flashback, Oliver is torturing a man to find out who took the drugs and a woman admits that she took them to sooth the prisoners who have been worked too hard.

Oliver has to talk his fellow mercenary into hiding the woman someplace where her body won't be found instead of killing her.

In present day Thea wakes Laurel up and tells her that they need to go home. Thea tells Malcolm she will not kill people and to stay out of her life forever. Malcolm asks her to prove himself to her and give Sara her life back to restore Thea's conscience. He tells them that they should prepare Sara's body for the ceremony. Diggle and Arrow arrive to find Fayad dead with a card in her mouth.

Diggle finally tells Oliver that he should have trusted him earlier. Oliver tells Diggle that they will get the answers because he is no longer alone. Curtis and Felicity are attacked by Double Down and she is forced to admit that she works with the Green Arrow.

She hands Curtis a gun after mistakenly luring Double Down into the secret lair. Felicity appears to have wounded Double Down but he escapes and she rushes to Curtis' side.

Oliver and Diggle get back to their base when they see that Felicity has been attacked. She has tracked Double Down and gave Oliver and Diggle the coordinates. Nyssa returns to the Lazarus Pit and begs Laurel not to let Malcolm dip Sara in the pit. He does anyway but nothing seems to be happening.

That is, until Sara raises from the dead and rushes to attack Thea. The one who really killed her.

Oliver and Diggle pay Double Down a visit and ask him about his employed, Damien Darhk. Double Down isn't scared of both guys and the Green Arrow takes a bullet for Diggle, restoring their trust.

The team of three are back to having drinks and Double Down has been locked up at Iron Heights. Oliver tells the team that he's been working on something and that it's a surprise. Oliver is taking the woman he saved and she didn't start trusting him until he saved her from a land mine that exploded when another mercenary who was tracking them stepped on it. Felicity and Curtis finally address what happened and he says he is proud to know that his boss is trying to make the city better.

Sara is not herself and has to be restrained. The Lazarus Pit was destroyed by Nyssa after Malcolm used it in an irresponsible manner.

Malcolm tells the League to take Nyssa and before she leaves, she says what's happening to Sara now is on Laurel's hands.

"Restoration" stayed extremely true to it's titled. The episode shows a relationship on the mend and acts of desperation out of love.

Double Down was a really interesting villain for Arrow because he is known to be pretty frequent in The Flash comics.

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens when the team gets closer to taking down Darhk.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode Wednesdays at 8PM EST.

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