'Arrow' Recap: 'The Recruits,' Season 5 Episode 2

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The hand picked recruits start training on the CW's "Arrow." Oliver has a lot to teach them before he's ready to start calling them his team.
Will they live up to his expectations in "The Recruits," the second episode of the fifth season.

Team Arrow has recruited Curtis, Wild Dog, and Evelyn Sharp. The Green Arrow's training methods leave little to be desired and may be pushing some too far. Oliver's flashbacks are of his initiation into the Bratva.

Wild Dog's out fighting crime despite the Green Arrow's warning. He manages to fall off of a building but is saved by said superhero. The Green Arrow invites him to team up.

Curtis has already started training with the salmon jump. He slips Oliver wants to keep all of their identities a secret from the new recruits. Which just seems like he's repeating old mistakes. Does he never learn?

Diggle is running a mission in the military. At the budget meeting, Oliver and Thea ask Ambertech for money for a new clinic. The company agrees and want to back the project all the way through.

While Oliver's talking about his new team, Thea comes up with the idea to hire a team for the office.

First day of training camp and Oliver's first task is for them to get past him to ring a bell behind him. Of course that is not easy for any of the newbies.

In the flashback, Oliver is doing the same task for his initiation into the Bravta. It's going just as well for him and it is for them. So not very well at all. by Oliver makes a buddy in the Bravta recruits. Amertech wants to pull out of the conference after an attack on a political figure.

Diggle's team is ambushed. He grabs an injured soldier and gets them both out. Felicity convinces Oliver to bring the new team to clinic press conference.

Lance comes up to Thea to apologize for being late. He was meant to watch the 10th street entrance. The Ragman attacks the Amertech CEO.

Evelyn, Curtis, and Felicity reprimand Rene about his reckless actions at the clinic. He shuts them up by pulling out a scrap of the Ragman's clothes. Oliver comes in but before he can start anything, Felicity pulls him aside to tell him he's going to hard. Felicity asks her new detective boyfriend to take a look at the piece of rag.

He agrees but he wants to meet her friends. Lance comes to talk to Thea but is startled off when he sees Oliver in the room.

Because Lance has been drinking, Oliver doesn't think he should be put in a position of responsibility. Curtis gives Oliver a harsh but truthful speech about why he and the other two quite working with the Green Arrow.

Felicity finds Oliver in front of the costume display case. She gives Oliver an encouraging speech when she learns that he hide is identity to protect himself from loss. Oliver and his Bratva team finally figure out the point of the exercise, to work together, do just that. Oliver rings the bell and the other three are immediately gunned down.

Thea spots the Amertech CEO in a back alleyway. She uses her Speedy knowledge to climb onto the building and listen in. She's exchanging goods with that crime-boss.

Diggle finds out that it was people in his team that tipped them off. They want to take the weapon for themselves. Diggle is tied to a chair, surrounded by soldiers. The last non-corrupt soldier is dragged in and shot in front of him.

Felicity comes in as Thea is informing Oliver about what she's seen. She has learned that the Ragman cloak is ancient and radioactive. She's also figured out that Amertech is going bankrupt.

The deal is going down. Green Arrow's outside and the Ragman is inside getting ready to attack the CEO. Ragman is on a mission of revenge from the one missile that they couldn't stop.

Oliver is too busy fighting the crime boss. He's get pinned down and is going to be stabbed in the face by his own arrow. Ragman comes to his rescue...because he's a good guy? The CEO gets away.

Ragman has a similar origin story as Green Arrow, father sacrificed his life for his sons. Oliver asks him to join his team. In the flashback, Oliver wants to know why the others were killed. Bratva only wants the smartest. Diggle is being forced to write a confession that he's the one who gave the tip. He refuses. Thea gives Lance the job of deputy mayor as long as he gets himself together.

She uses the Laurel card. It gets him and he agrees. Oliver reveals his identity to the his team to get them their trust.

They all agree to sign back up. The guy in the black arrow suit attacks the crime boss. He warns him not to try to kill the Green Arrow again or he'll come for him. He's called Prometheus.

"The Recruits" proves that Oliver 's still the toughest teacher around. "Arrow" now has new characters budding with potential. Watch them flourish Wednesdays at 8pm and check out other content here.

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