'Arrow' Recap 'Nanda Parbat,' Season 3 Episode 15, The Atom Emerges

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Last week on "Arrow," Oliver and Thea survived their time on Lian Yu and Deadshot. This week in "Nanda Parbat," Thea takes matters into her own hands and turns Malcolm into the League of Assassins much to Oliver's dismay.

Malcolm is obtained by Ra's al Ghul after Thea turns him in. He is being held captive in Nanda Parbat and the League isn't wasting anytime when it comes to making him pay.

Ray is spending all of his efforts in completing the Atom suit so that he too can assume the role as one of Starling City's saviors.

Felicity wants to prevent him from following Oliver's path, but to do so she has the daunting task of pulling him out of the lab during his dedicated work.

Laurel has to deal with her fathers unforgiving words, while Roy and Diggle continue to be the support system for their team.

The action kicks off as Ghul sits comfortably in a manmade pool when his daughter walks in to give him news that Oliver is still alive. Ghul knows that Oliver is not alive and also that Oliver was not the one who killed Sara. Nyssa tells Ghul that whether Oliver killed Sara or not, the fact that he challenged Ra's warrants his death.

Meanwhile, Malcolm continues to teach Oliver and Thea how to survive but they are defiant and and tell Malcolm that they are not leaving the loft. Diggle assures everyone that they are safe because the loft has been fitted with Argus tech.

Diggle is also concerned about Oliver's lack of rest but Oliver assures him that he will not rest until everyone is safe.

Laurel approaches Thea to tell her how much of Sara she sees in her but Thea is still thinking about what she was forced to do and excuses herself.

In a flashback, Oliver gives his statement to the general and is informed that the Yamashiro's have been sent back to Japan and he is free to go wherever he wants after what he did for Waller and his country. Roy approaches Thea who is still distraught over killing Sara.

Roy asks her what's wrong and she tells him that she killed Sara.

When he reveals that he knew and killed someone when he was under the influence she is taken back.

He tells her that he wish he never knew but it gets easier, however, she refutes by saying he doesn't have to see the family of the man he murdered everyday.

Felicity barges in on Ray who has had little sleep because he is tearing his lab apart trying to develop the Atom suit. Felicity urges him to stop and think about what he is doing but he refuses and tells her that he doesn't want to feel helpless anymore. Laurel tries to to contact her father but it doesn't appear like he is in the mood to talk to her after last week.

Just then, Thea walks in and says she needs to tell Laurel something about Sara.

She admitted to killing Sara and Laurel has a look of despair in her eyes and says that it's not her fault, she also questioned how they could still work with Malcolm.

Thea says she has no choice, but Laurel convinces her otherwise.

Oliver continues to train without rest and Laurel walks in on him and immediately begins rambling about Sara and what she can't remember about her. She tries to trick Oliver into admitting he knows who killed Sara, however, he doesn't and she confronts him about lying. Laurel tries to push Oliver away from Malcolm's clutches but he explains that they need him to fight against the league.

Oliver approaches Thea about telling Laurel the truth but she explains that they are no longer in danger. She says that Malcolm will face justice and Oliver realizes that she has done something terrible.

Black Canary aka Laurel approaches Malcolm most likely to try to kill Malcolm for taking the life of her sister. The fight is not going her way and she pulls a gun on Malcolm.

Before she could pull the trigger, Nyssa and other members of the League appear out of nowhere.

Laurel watches Malcolm get the stuffing beat out of him and Nyssa promises that Laurel need not worry anymore because justice will be served.

Oliver confronts Laurel about her actions taken against Malcolm. Diggle confirms that Malcolm was taken by Ra's and when Oliver tells them that they need to get Malcolm back, Felicity and Laurel are outraged.

Felicity agrees to help out of concern for Thea's soul.

Laurel is still outraged at the decision but Oliver tells her she doesn't need to be there.

In another flashback, Oliver is in Japan with the Yamashiro's and as they wait for their boat, they come under fire from everyone around them.

Nyssa and Malcolm have some last words before Oliver shows up as the Arrow and the two begin to battle it out. Nyssa questions why Oliver would deprive her of seeking justice for Sara and Oliver argues that it's not justice it's vengeance.

She tells him justice is vengeance and before Oliver could save Malcolm, he is whisked away by the rest of the league in a helicopter. Nyssa tells Oliver that Malcolm will never be seen again.

Diggle asks Oliver what they are going to do with Nyssa who has been held captive. Oliver says he needs the room to extract information and Diggle warns him that he can't save Thea's soul at the cost of his own. Nyssa agrees to tell Oliver where Nanda Parbat is so that he can die there for interfering with her justice.

The entire team tries to convince Oliver not to go to Nanda Parbat, even Laurel agrees that she doesn't want him going on a suicide mission.

Diggle is quiet and asks for alone time with Oliver to find out whether or not he is goring through with the extraction for Thea.

Through it all, Felicity is still concerned about Oliver, however, she chooses to lock Ray out of his computer in exchange for him to get some rest, food and a shower.

She vows to unlock him once he has completed the tasks and it's all in hopes to delay his crusade a little longer.

Diggle is at home with his daughter and her mother suggests that Diggle goes with him to help him, despite his original decision to stay with his family.

Thea tries to convince Oliver one last time to leave. He insists that he doesn't want her to deal with the guilt and having death on her conscious. She begs him not to go but he tells her he will be back as soon as he can.

Oliver tries briefly to convince Diggle not to go, but that is quickly overturned. Malcolm is on his knees asking for forgiveness from Ra's.

Ra's says that the justice can only be measured in agony and blood and orders his guards to take Malcolm away.

From the looks of it, this episode seems to be setting up the death of another team member. It's hard to figure out if that's really going to happen at this point but there is also a feeling that maybe Malcolm will finally get what he deserves.

There seems to be a deeper meaning behind Oliver's quest to save Malcolm but it's yet to be revealed. This episode is a bit frustrating in a way because everything is happening so fast.

Felicity gazes out the window while Ray takes a shower. She wonders around the office stumble into his painting room. She is surprised by Ray in a towel and shares the same reaction she had the first time she laid eyes on Oliver.

It looks like Felicity is on a new team.

Ray tells her she was right and when he explains that she distracts him from work, she kisses him and the two begin what looks to be the next relationship on Arrow.

Oliver and Diggle try to work out a plan of approach, however, they are ambushed and Diggle has to cover Oliver and help him take out the enemy before any of them can escape. The situation reminds Oliver of the ambush that he was in with the Yamashiro's. He played Diggles role in helping the family get to a truck so they can escape.

Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa have an interesting conversation about Sara's reaction when she faced Ra's. They both agree that they missed Sara's laugh and that's all they both craved was to hear it once more.

Diggle and Oliver begin tearing through the fortress taking out anyone in their way. Malcolm hangs over hot coals when Diggle and Oliver find him, however they quickly find themselves caught in a trap and held captive by Ra's. Oliver wakes up chained in a cell with Diggle. He tries to free them and Diggle tells him there is no use.

Oliver vows not to let Diggle die, however, Diggle tells him to save his strength and gets him to admit that he couldn't live with the feeling that someone could actually defeat him. Diggle knows that Ra's got into Oliver's head and Oliver asks him what the favor was Diggle wanted.

He asks Oliver to be his best-man at his wedding, granted they are able to escape. Just then Oliver is told it's time.

During a flashback, Oliver remembers saving Maseo's son while his parents remained trapped under fire. Meanwhile, Roy drives Thea to the family of the police officer he killed. He admits that he gives them money, presents and groceries but they don't know he he is.

She appreciates what he does, however, Thea realizes that the biggest mistake she made was letting Malcolm into her life. She tells Roy that maybe she is a killer and deserves to be punished.

Ray and Felicity looked to have had quite the evening and he wakes up with an apparent solution to his suit. He enters the password Felicity gave him and finishes up the final touches of the suit. Ray then suits up as the Atom and fires the suit up.

He flies off in the middle of the night using his jet-powered suit. Thea visits Nyssa in her cell to admit that she fired the arrows into Sara's cell.

Thea then lets Nyssa out of the cell and tells her to take her vengeance.

Oliver is put on his knees in front of Ra's once more.

Oliver asks for Diggles safety, even offering to beg for it. Ra's says that he doesn't want to kill Oliver, he wants Oliver to take his place and become the next Ra's Al Ghul

"Nanda Parbat" was yet another test when it comes to Malcolm's overall worth to Oliver and Thea, this week in "Arrow." Ra's Al Ghul is beginning to become one of the most dangerous villains that Oliver has to face. Not only is he the man who trained and almost killed Oliver, but his League runs off of their own idea of punishment.

Oliver has referred to Thea as Speedy on more than one occasion linking her to the character from the comic-book who is known for the role that Roy has on the team.

It will be interesting to see if Arrow, Black Canary and Arsenal are joined by Atom and Speedy in later seasons.

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