'Arrow' Recap: 'My Name Is Oliver Queen' Season 3 'Finale' Episode 23, Arrow V.S. Ra's Al Ghul

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Fans are in on Oliver's plan to overthrow Ra's Al Ghul as of last week's "Arrow." In "My Name Is Oliver Queen," episode 23 of season 3, the finale Oliver has to make a final decision in order to save his friends and family.

The season three finale puts the entire Arrow team as well as Starling City in danger as Ra's al Ghul's final plan is now being put into place. As Malcolm claims the glory for saving team Arrow from their death trap, Diggle, Felicity and Laurel realize that they all need to come together to help save their city. Oliver's decision on whether or not he assumes the role as Al Sah-Him must decide he can handle the responsibility posed by Ra's, if he can come to peace with his decision and how it will affect the people he loves the most.

Barry Allen a.k.a. "The Flash" makes a guest appearance while Thea assumes her role as Speedy. Tempers continue to flare in tonight's season finale.

The action resumes this week as a large airplane carrying Ra's, Oliver and the League. Oliver awakens from a dream and when Ra's asks him what he dreamt of, Oliver replies, "becoming Ra's Al Ghul." Ra's tells him that there is no bigger dream that the one he will be fulfilling by destroying his home. Something goes wrong with the airplane and there is a bit of turbulence.

The team awakens and Malcolm explains why Oliver had to demonstrate his loyalty to Ra's once again. Oliver is also vaccinated against the Alpha Omega virus. Everyone who was in captivity was also injected with the cure by Malcolm.

Felicity says that they are still chained in a dungeon, however, he assures them that all they have to do is wait for the thunder. Tatsu is saved by the The Flash who also races off to save the rest of the team. Barry is able to help them escape captivity and Felicity asks him to stay and help them take down Ra's.

Barry says that he's too busy with Wells and he's sure Oliver has it. However, Felicity doesn't believe that. Barry assures the team that whether they realize it or not, Oliver needs their help.

In a flashback, Oliver and Maseo are being attacked by Shrieve and the rest of their army. Oliver manages to save his two friends who are still clinging to their dead son. The airplane has been sabotaged and Ra's suspects Nyssa. However, Oliver owns up to his rightful named as Oliver Queen and a battle ensues.

Nyssa and Oliver are fighting off Ra's and the League. Ra's gains the upper hand grabs the Alpha Omega virus.

He tells them that if they survive the inevitable airplane crash, he will conquer them over and over again. He then jumps out of the airplane with the virus in his hand.

Already this episode has a ton of action right from the start.

No one is wasting anytime because the fate of Starling City lies in their hands. Oliver has chosen to continue his role as the Arrow, but, will Ra's wrath be unleashed?

There are no more parachutes and Oliver and Nyssa are forced to fly the airplane. He guides her through the steps and they manage to gain a slight bit of control but still end up crash landing.

Maseo and Tatsu are offered something to help them deal with Akio's death, his ashes however, they are grieving heavily.

They offer Oliver the third portion of it but he tells them he will be right back. Oliver begins to torture Shrieve for what he did to Akio.

The team finds it a little reluctant to follow the instructions of Malcolm but Oliver returns soon after. He is greeted by a huge right to the face from Diggle who demands answers. The rest of the team clears the room while Oliver, Felicity and Diggle discuss the reason for his plan.

Oliver says it wasn't about trust it was about making sure his friends were safe. He planned on killing Ra's and destroying the virus. It was a suicide mission all along and Felicity catches on right away.

Felicity is completely upset that Oliver would sacrifice himself to take out Ra's. Oliver apologizes but Diggle says sorry won't cut it this time.

Diggle says for now they have bigger troubles that broken trust and they get right down to work.

In a flashback, Tatsu and Maseo walk in on Oliver who has riddled Shrieve with arrows. Maseo delivers the final blow with a gun despite Tatsu's feelings that it was all wrong.

The team now has to look for anything unusual in the water and around the city. They realize that Damian Dark is in Starling city. Dark is the enemy of Ra's who really wanted to use the virus to kill him all along. It wasn't about Oliver's ascendance to Al Sah-Him.

Diggle, Oliver and the rest of the team takes their positions in and around the hotel Dark is staying in. Diggle looks particularly badass as he takes out Dark's security.

Meanwhile, Oliver has a chat with Dark and it goes sour right away when one of Ra's assassins kill him. Oliver swears to stop Ra's while Ra's swears to Oliver that he will see his city perish.

Quentin Lance is dealing with a situation however, Laurel comes in and informs him that the system is under an attack from a bio-weapon. There is another underlying issue between the father and daughter.

Lance looks like he is thinking of hitting the bottle again but Laurel tells him she loves him.

She says he can make a decision to help the city and make his daughters proud or throw it all away. Oliver works with Felicity and Ray to get probable locations for the virus to be released.

Maseo tells Tatsu that he wasn't strong enough to save his son. Oliver overhears Tatsu telling Maseo what he did was wrong. She says that Oliver allowed himself to become a monster. Maseo tells Tatsu he isn't worthy of his love and this flashback shows why Maseo became a member of the League.

Felicity brings Oliver a cup of coffee so they can talk about Oliver's original plan. He tells her of a dream where he listens to her after she tells him not to go after Ra's.

Sometimes it ends with swords in his chest, other times it's of he and Felicity just driving.

Oliver tells Felicity that he can't defeat Ra's. She tells him that Oliver can't and the Arrow can't. He needs to become someone else, something else. The key to beating Ra's is the fact that he has something to live for.

She urges him not to fight to die, fight to live. Oliver thanks Felicity for her motivational words as he races off to one of the areas.

Everyone is on sight and Oliver is greeted by a messenger from Ra's who wants Oliver to be by his side while his city perishes.

He knows that Oliver doesn't believe that he can beat him and that as long as he's alive he will continue to be punished.

Thea is now Speedy and helps Diggle take out the suspect carrying what they thought was the virus. The suspect is a member of the League and he is the one carrying the virus within him. When Oliver meets with Ra's he has two choices.

Either he can ascend as Ra's or watch his city die and perish along with it. Diggle urges the entire city to get back from the body that has already released the virus.

The entire team with the exception of Nyssa has been inoculated with the cure. She vows to see the city safe and her father defeated with or without the cure.

Ray has to make the cure airborne with his nano-tech with Felicity while the rest of the team including Oliver battles the League and Ra's. Lance sees Oliver and Ra's fighting each other and his informants tell him that both men are responsible for the virus. They are both in the same gear so it's going to be hard to pick Oliver from Ra's. Oliver is losing the battle and Felicity begs Ray to help him but Ray asks her to think about what Oliver would do if he could save himself or the city.

They won't have to protect Oliver as he appears to have defeated Ra's. However, he still assumes the role as Ra's Al Ghul.

Oliver is shot multiple times by the police after killing Ra's. Felicity saves him from a dangerous fall, yes that's right, Felicity was wearing the Atom suit.

The city has been saved and Nyssa tends to Oliver who has killed her father. She jokes about him being alive because of League armor, however Felicity likes to think that she was the one who saved him. Oliver delivers a grand speech about being surrounded by all of his team members. He also says that he can't be the Arrow anymore because Ra's took that identity.

He wants to give up being the Arrow so he can be with Felicity. Oliver gives the responsibility of watching over Starling City to the rest of his team.

Diggle is still upset and leaves the room while Ray seems heartbroken that Felicity and Oliver are going to be together.

Diggle agrees that Oliver deserves happiness but he isn't sure he is a hero that the city needs. Diggle vows to think on helping the city as well as what happened between the two of them. They wish each other well and there is still a slight bit of tension.

The final flashback shows Oliver leaving Tatsu to make another journey.

He says he doesn't want to take the darkness back to his family, he wants to be alone. They say their final goodbyes as he boards a boat to Coast City.

Thea finally forgives Malcolm for everything. Meanwhile, she bids goodbye to Oliver and while she wanted to be called the Red Arrow, Oliver suggests speedy instead. Oliver tells Malcolm that he will never forgive him for what he did to Sarah and his sister. The two have some type of business in order and Malcolm expects Oliver to keep up his end of the bargain.

Ray perfects his Atom suit but an accident happens and there is an explosion in his lab. Malcolm stands ahead of the entire League of Assassins.

It looks like he has take over from Oliver but Nyssa isn't very happy to see him leading the League.

She vows to seek revenge but Malcolm tells her she will have to kneel before the new Ra's Al Ghul before she can try to get revenge.

Oliver narrates an ending where he says it's time for him to be someone else.

He and Felicity drive off in the sunset as Oliver has finally found happiness. There will be a ton of questions for fans after this episode with the main one being, "Will Oliver return as the Arrow?"

"My Name Is Oliver Queen" was every bit of the epic season finale that CWTV was promising all along. Oliver decided his fate and with Starling City in turmoil the team managed to get themselves in order.

Diggle had a lot of built up emotion and it was good to see him and Oliver getting a chance to air it all out.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series "The Originals" returns with season 3.