'Arrow' Recap: 'A Matter of Trust,' Season 5 Episode 3

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The CW's "Arrow" will finally be testing out the new team. But will they be able to work together in "A Matter of Trust," the third episode of the fifth season.

There's a new drug dealer in Star City. Rene tries to go after him alone, but is not up to the task.

Oliver is forced to take over the fight when he fails. Curtis and Evelyn suit up for their first takedown.

The Green Arrow is demonstrating what an average night out in the field looks like to his new recruits. Rene wants to go after the dealer right away. Oliver doesn't want his team out on the field until he's sure they can handle it. Felicity reports a radio call but it's a fake call. A detective, Felicity's boyfriend, wanted to alert the Green Arrow about politicians being targeted by Tobias Church.

Lyla visits Diggle in prison. She asks him for his version of what happened.

After, Diggle gets put into a cell with Lawton. Thea tells Oliver about who she has elected as deputy mayor. He doesn't listen to her reasons, simply tells her to fix it.

In the flashback, Anatoliy has something he needs to show Oliver. Rene and Evelyn are on a secret recon mission to the warehouse where the drugs are being manufactured. Rene thinks it'd be better to hit the place now instead of going back to tell Oliver about it. In a fight over dangerous chemicals, Rene has to toss Sampson in when it's clear he can't win.

The new District Attorney Chase. He's upset because he had a plan to get Sampson to flip on his suppliers. Rene immediately cracks when Oliver interrogates him about it.

Thea gets the reporter to entertain running a new story on Lance. Just as his autopsy begins, Sampson wakes up. Curtis tries to get to know Rory but all his questions just end up bringing awkward responses. Having him around is making Felicity feel guilty because she sent the missile to his hometown. The Green Arrow engages in a fight with the undead that he's forced to flee. Felicity calls in the team, minus Rene.

Anatoly reveals that the people who died in the training were actually bad people. He asks Oliver to trust the process. Lawton asks after Diggle's brother.

He ends up confessing to murdering his brother. Chase may or may not still hold a grudge on Oliver for swiping his girlfriend twelve years ago.

Thea's plan backfires, not surprisingly. In order to make it better, she plans on quitting. Curtis wants Felicity to come clean to Rory. Sampson calls a meeting with the city's baddies. He shows off his new ability and declares he's going to take Church down.

Leave it to Felicity to show Oliver the error of his ways. Diggle thinks he needs to be punished for killing Andy, so he asks Lyla to stop fighting for him. Also Lawton was never in that cell.

Oliver apologizes to Rene. He decides that to stop Sampson and his team, Oliver is going to need his team there as well. It's time for everyone to suit up.

Sampson has returned to the scene of the crime. But so has Team Arrow. The Green Arrow takes Sampson head on. Curtis plants a bomb while the rest of the team take out the extras.

Green Arrow slices Sampson's tendons, which is super effective. The team has earned the honor of seeing the real "bat cave." In the final flashback, Oliver is facing the second task which is for him to trust his Bratva brothers.

Oliver rejects Thea's resignation. Felicity tells Rory the truth about Havenrock. Lyla asks Oliver to break Diggle out of jail.

"A Matter of Trust" explores themes that have been in the show before. "Arrow" finally has Oliver moving past his trust issues, for the foreseeable future. Keep watching Wednesdays at 8pm and rewatch episodes here.

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