'Arrow' Recap: 'Lost Souls' Season 4 Episode 6, Saving Ray

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Last week it was revealed that Ray Palmer is alive on CWTV's Arrow.

In "Lost Souls," episode six of season four, Oliver and Felicity have to work together to save Ray, however, it begins to get in the way of their relationship.

Damien Darhk has been holding Ray captive and Felicity wants to save her friend from the clutches of the most evil man in Star City. Felicity is feeling pretty guilty about not watching the tape earlier and getting and finding Ray sooner. It begins to consume her and begins to take on toll on her relationship with Oliver.

Sara is back in action after having her soul returned to her.

She is easily accepted onto the team once again and gets to fight side-by-side with her sister Laurel, Thea and the rest of the team.

Just when the team thinks they have Sara back, the Lazarus Pit effects start to creep in and their rescue mission for Ray.

The episode begins with Ray testing his Atom suit when the explosion occurs he is blasted out of the building and down to size. Then in present day Oliver and Thea are talking about the budget with Alex They notice that Felicity isn't there and Oliver says he will get the numbers from her.

When Oliver leaves Alex asks Thea to go check out the venue. Thea says she's got too much going on for a date right now but she still seems interested.

Felicity has Ray saying "I'm alive and I'm in trouble" on a loop to try and trace his location. Curtis comes in and tells her that she needs to take a break because she is no good to Ray in her current state.

Curtis sees Oliver coming towards he and Felicity and at first it seems like he found out that Oliver is the Green Arrow, however, he brushes it off.

Felicity instantly brings up the fact that Ray is alive and Oliver denies it at first but Felicity tells him that Ray is alive and they have to help him.

Oliver leads the mercenaries back to where Constantine led him. They use the piece that Constantine gave Oliver to bring back to them and Ryder finds some ancient text. He reads the words and tells Oliver to take the workers to a location and work them until they find his present.

In present day Sara gets off the phone with her mother and she seems pretty happy. Laurel and Lance also look incredibly happy to see Sara.

Felicity is upset that Oliver tells her that she needs a shower and a nap and after she gets cranky she accepts Oliver's help. Before they could continue to make up, she is able to find Ray's location and they have a full on conversation with him.

He says he doesn't know where he is but he is being held captive and the people holding him want his suit or the tech.

Then, as the camera pans out and Ray says his suit worked too well, viewers can see Ray in a micro form.

Ray says that the tech is useless to them in his current state. Felicity says that Ray may have intercepted the message. Oliver tries to help Felicity by going to Palmer Industries with her but she says there is no way he can help and shuts him out.

In a flashback, Oliver and the mercenary are watching the workers. Oliver gives them a food break and the suspecting mercenary calls one of the workers over and asks him if he wants his life to get better.

All of this while Oliver wandered off to eat his lunch in peace.

Felicity and Curtis are trying to work on building the tech Ray needs to get back to size but her mother walks in and surprises her. Felicity freaks out on Oliver after it was revealed that he was the one who suggested her mother visit her. Meanwhile, the entire team has assembled including Sara. Oliver breaks into the building and lets the rest of the team in but the security cameras are back online.

When Sara thinks she has found what they are looking for they are attacked by security. Sara fights back and practically kills the guard which means the Lazarus Pit is still affecting her.

The team manages to get the manifold and high tail it out. Ray connects with Felicity again and during their discussion, Damien Darhk comes into view and he's much larger in stature compared to micro Ray.

Felicity asks Diggle and Oliver what happened out there and after they tell her Oliver asks if she is sure that Darhk was the man he saw in the video feed. Oliver tells Felicity that they have to wait and see what Lance finds out.

Oliver tells her that they should have dinner with her mother but she doesn't want to hear it.

Diggle even tries to back Oliver up on the offer. Oliver finally says they are having dinner until Lance finds out more information.

In a flashback, Oliver brings food to the worker he saved earlier on this season and she tells him about Ryder. He thinks that there is something mystical going on and that the head of the operation is interested in more than drugs. Darhk tries to reason for Ray's cooperation.

He threatens the life of Felicity and Ray learns that his message to her was intercepted by Darhk. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity are still going back and forth during their almost dinner with her mother.

He says he is trying to figure out what he did wrong and Felicity's mom gets the clue to leave.

They finally have time to go over what has been going on with her. She is taking the responsibility for not being there for Ray because she was lost in Oliver. She says she was never the girl who looses herself in someone. Oliver says it isn't about Ray, it's about them.

Felicity is confused and Oliver tells her that he's going to give her some space until she figures it out. It looks like Olicity is in trouble.

Oliver is trying to get the tech to work when Diggle walks in and asks him what he's doing there.

They decide to have a little whiskey after Diggle realizes that Oliver's dinner didn't go well. Diggle thinks Oliver is jealous of Ray and Felicity but Oliver says he is just wondering why Felicity chose him. Diggle says that he is sure Felicity has a lot in common with Ray but she chose Oliver.

He also says that Felicity will make it through if something does happen to Ray. Diggle receives a message from Lance who is meeting with Darhk soon. Oliver is feeling better after their chat.

Oliver is attacked by the worker that was summoned by the mercenary in a flashback. In present day, Lance and Darhk are meeting and he is asking about Sara's current state. Darhk isn't happy that he was summoned to talk about Sara and leaves. Diggle follows the vehicle to the location. Felicity and her mother have a chat about her younger years.

Her mother sent her to science camp because she couldn't afford it. She tells her daughter that Oliver is not like her father and he loves her.

Felicity tells her it's too easy for her to lose herself in him.

Her mother tells her that it's all happening the way its suppose to. She tells Felicity that Oliver has lost himself in her and not to let it go to waste.

Diggle gives the team the location for Darhk but it seems impossible to get in. Oliver says there is a way and also wants Curtis to assemble the resizer on the road.

Sara wants in on the mission but the team including Laurel is hesitant at first.

Eventually they let her in and the mission begins. When Oliver gets ready to make his way into the building, he is attacked by a ghost and apparently knocked out.

Oliver wakes up in chains and is approached by Darhk. Darhk instructs the ghost to leave him and the Green Arrow alone, little does he know, that ghost was Diggle. Everyone is in place including Felicity and Curtis who have to base jump into the building. They burst into the building and Diggle, Thea, Laurel and Sara lead them to their destination.

When Darhk tries to discover Oliver's identity, he breaks the chains and attacks Darhk. Darhk quickly catches himself and deflects a bow.

He also proceeds to use his powers to wrap chains around the Green Arrow's neck and suffocate him. Oliver manages to use some kind of magic to disappear before Darhk can kill him.

As the team continues to kick ass, they get a message that Ray has been saved and before they leave Sara takes another life. Felicity, Ray, Curtis and Diggle are almost attacked by a ghost but Oliver saves them and tells Ray it's good to see him. Back at the base Ray tells his story of what really happened to him in the explosion.

Felicity says that Ray is fine and there are no side effects from the micro-sizing. The team fills him in about Darhk and he fills them in on the fact that Felicity is a target.

Felicity leaves with Ray and Oliver remembers his battle with the worker that he killed. The mercenary and the rest of the workers witnessed it and he tells Oliver he better have a story to go along with it.

Meanwhile, Thea is giving Sara some advice on dealing with the effects of the Lazarus Pit. She says she needs to deal with the effects in her own way and decides that she is going to leave Thea, Laurel and the team. She decides that she will visit her mother in Central City then figure things out from there. Laurel accepts Sara's wishes. Oliver is alone in his apartment when Felicity walks in.

They both try apologizing and Felicity says they should clear the air. She thanks him for helping save Ray and he apologizes for not being the best listener.

They both admit that it's all new to them but they are going to be fine. Olicity is still going stronger than ever.

Lance receives a visit from Felicity's mom who tells him what her story is. She asks Lance about his story and he uses Sara's leaving as his excuse. The introduce themselves and they both look pretty interested in each other.

Alex approaches Thea who asks him to have a drink with her later on.

Darhk is being breached by his scientist who says they were able to use Ray's tech as a power source. Darhk tells him to test it out on what looks like a huge map or circuit.

"Lost Souls" reintroduces two characters that will appear in CWTV's and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

The episode was pretty well done and provides the answers to the question of how Ray and Sara would pretty much be brought back from the dead.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

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