'Arrow' Recap: 'Legends of Yesterday' Season 4 Episode 8, Heroes Join Forces Pt. 2

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It's a special week for CWTV's Arrow as the Heroes Join Forces special continues.

In "Legends of Yesterday," episode eight of season four, both teams are in Central City in hopes to find a way to stop Vandal Savage, despite Kendra's new powers.

The Heroes Join Forces crossover special continues as the team scrambles to find a way to defeat Vandal Savage, all while keeping Kendra (Hawkgirl) and Carter (Hawkman) safe. Oliver and Barry have to relocate Kendra and Carter to a remote location that should be hidden enough to keep them safe.

Despite trying to search for a way to defeat Savage with a team of Felicity, Thea, Diggle, Cisco and Caitlyn, they still seem to need some help.

The new Ra's Al Ghul, Malcolm Merlyn use his power to hold a meeting between Vandal, Green Arrow and the Flash, however, as you would probably imagine, it doesn't go too well, with Savage being an evil villain and all.

There is also the underlying issue of whether or not Oliver Queen has a son.

Night two of the crossover began with a flashback to Ancient Egypt. Prince Khufu offers his father an offering while Princess Shiera doesn't seem to be happy with it. During a slight disagreement between the two, Savage comes in as an advisor to the king. Meanwhile, it looks as if Khufu and Shiera were forbidden lovers.

Oliver and Caitlyn argue over why they haven't brought Kendra to Star Labs. The teams arrive at a remote farm and everyone is brainstorming on how they can handle Savage now that he has the Staff of Horace.

Everyone has their own missions but Oliver seems to be on his own mission.

Felicity takes notice and asks him why he hasn't been himself. He tells her that there is something going on but before he tells her, he wants to know what he is dealing with.

Kendra and Cisco have a conversation about everything is going on, however, Cisco doesn't think she could be distracted. Carter comes in to help Kendra train and tells Cisco that it's private. Carter presents her with her costume and Kendra doesn't think she is ready, however, Carter says that is what she says every time.

Kendra is pretty reluctant but Carter manages to tell her that she is a warrior priest and she needs to remember that, or they will both die again. Oliver arrives and runs into Samantha who denies that William is her son.

She tells Oliver a story that he might want to believe but he still grabbed a sample for a DNA test.

Malcolm calls Oliver to let him know that he has already booked a meeting with Savage and that The Flash was already on his way. The three get together and wait for Savage to arrive and Malcolm admits that he is afraid of Savage. Just then, the man of the hour walks in. He thanks them all for joining him and tells them that his wish is not to die, however, to do so he needs to kill Kendra and Carter.

He says it is none of their concern and Oliver tells him they made it their concern. Oliver tries to stop Savage with an arrow but he simply pulls it out of his body and makes demands to have Kendra and Carter given to him.

Savage asks them what makes them think they can prevent him from killing Kendra and Carter and they answer, "hope." Savage threatens all of their loved ones and the people of both cities.

When Savage leaves, Malcolm warns him that he better not cause the death of his daughter because of this or he will come after him with everything. The team is briefed on the ultimatum and Kendra walks away. When Cisco tries to go after her Carter tells him to let him handle it. Meanwhile, Barry confesses to ghosting last night and Cisco and Barry think that he might time jump.

Barry is freaking out and has a pretty bad headache. Kendra doesn't want anyone to die for her and Carter tells her to be the warrior she is destined to be.

He instructs her to hit him and so, her training begins. She loses the battle at first but learns that her rage is what will help her find the warrior within.

Diggle, Laurel and Thea return with a videotape from a conspiracy theory group. The Dr. on the tape reveals that there is an urban legend. He says that man will bring the end of the world. He says that the relics are the key.

Kendra has a memory that alludes to the Staff of Horace being the way out. Barry helps Oliver get the results of the hair sample. When Oliver leaves, Felicity walks in and demands to know what was going on.

She pressures Barry into handing over the DNA test and when she sees it, she knows it's not just another DNA test.

Oliver returns to Samantha and she is forced to confess that she lied to him because his mother offered him money to do so.

William is Oliver's son. She never cashed the check and she says she didn't want her son to become someone like him.

Oliver says he wants an opportunity to get to know his son, however, Samantha says he is happy and well adjusted and doesn't want William to know that he is Oliver's son. She tells Oliver that he needs to keep his son a secret from everyone if he wants a relationship with his son. He tells her that he is with someone and can't keep it a secret from her. Samantha says those are her terms. Oliver returns to the farm and Felicity is waiting for her outside.

She tests Oliver by asking him what is going on and after she shows him the paper he is forced to confess. She tells him to stop because she can't hear another lie. Felicity says she can't believe that he has a child.

Felicity asks him when he planned on telling her and he says he doesn't know.

She says if he loved her he would trust her with something like that. She doesn't know if she can be with someone who doesn't trust her.

Barry happens to walk outside and sees the aftermath. He asks Oliver if he is okay but he just brushes it off and walks inside to lay out the plan. However, the plan only involves Carter, Kendra, The Flash and Green Arrow. They meet Savage in all of their costumes and Savage mocks the hawk costumes.

Savage says that there is no need for Green Arrow and Flash to stay but they do anyway. Carter tells Savage to get it over with and when he tries to, Oliver stops him.

However while Oliver battled savage to the bets of his ability Kendra and Carter were killed by Savage and their lifeforms were drained.

Then, Savage manages to kill Oliver and everyone in the city. Barry runs for his life and fortunately for him, he travels back in time to the meeting between Oliver, Malcolm, Savage and himself.

They are ridiculously lucky that Barry can time-hop. Barry picks it all up again at the end of the meeting where Savage threatens them. Barry and Oliver arrive back at the farm and tells Oliver that the plan they were going to formulate won't work. He confesses that he traveled back in time and Oliver says maybe they can use it to their benefit.

Barry tells him that Oliver is what went wrong because Oliver's head wasn't in it. He tells Oliver what happened between Oliver and Felicity and Oliver prematurely learns that he is William's father in this time.

Barry tells him that everyone dies that time, however, Oliver vows do do it differently this time.

Oliver is overseeing Cisco and asks him to make sure the gloves work and to talk to Kendra and help her, because what Carter is doing isn't working. Oliver says there is no one better to talk to Kendra.

Cisco interrupts the conversation between Kendra and Carter. Cisco tells her he wants to help her sprout her wings. He tells her to focus on the priestess, the nurturer, the good-hearted person inside. He says that she needs to remember who she was and that is someone who loved Carter. Kendra confesses that she has been remembering everything but lied to Carter because she didn't want to accept it. Cisco tells her that he understands and what she is going through is a gift, a miracle most people don't get to experience.

He asks her to close her eyes and let herself remember. She remembers waking up in bed with Khufus and he asks her to stay longer but she refuses. Savage was once in love with Shiera and he walks in on Khufus in her bed chamber.

Savage attacks Khufus when he asks him to get out but a fight ensues. Shiera tries to stab Savage but he is immortal.

He uses the knife to kill Khufus and then Shiera. Next, Savage places a curse on them all but Shiera and Khufus are able to appeal to Horace.

When Kendra wakes up, she tells Cisco she thinks she knows how to defeat Vandal Savage. Cisco returns to the team and tells Oliver that he was right and Kendra says she remembers her first death. They remember that there was a meteor shower during that time and he gemstones in the Staff were glowing along with the meteorite.

They need pieces of the meteorite to coat the gauntlets and instead of telling his team to stay behind, Oliver instructs them to suit up. Everyone is in position and Barry asks Oliver if he is sure about it.

Oliver tells him it can't get any worst than what already happened.

Things pick up with Oliver freeing Hawkgirl and Hawkman while the entire team closes in. Savage seems to be winning until Barry whisks in and steals it from Savage. Together, Barry and Oliver hold the Staff of Horace and they use it's power to defeat Vandal Savage and the entire team stands in triumph. Cisco, Kendra, Carter, Oliver and Barry take a walk to ponder whether or not Savage is gone forever. Kendra and Carter will likely go off together to help the world.

Kendra talks to Cisco and explains that she is sorry about how things worked out. He can't really argue with her but gives her a medal made from the same meteorite that helped them.

Kendra leaves Cisco with a sweet kiss and thanks him.

Oliver and Barry are discussing the news about his son and Oliver tells him it's none of his business. Barry says he is worried about the backlash that the time travel could cause. Oliver wants to let William alone but Barry says that Oliver should be in his son's life. They hug it out and Oliver heads over to Samantha's once again.

He agrees not to tell anyone again, even Felicity and Samantha lets Oliver introduce himself as a friend of William's mom. Oliver walks in and starts up a conversation by telling his son that he has met the Flash.

The two then play action figures and Oliver says that if he approves, he'd like to come by and visit. William just continues on about action figures.

Later on Felicity and Oliver arrive back at the apartment and she confesses her love for him. She says she can't help him if she doesn't know what's going on. She asks him what had him acting strange and he tells her it doesn't matter.

He says it's over and he is back in Star City with her. Malcolm, is back at Savage's death site and he is retrieving the ashes. He also tells Savage that he owes him one.

"Legends of Yesterday" brought an epic close to the two episode crossover between Arrow and The Flash.

There is clearly a ton that will be discussed in next weeks episode but clarity is probably the top priority on everyone's mind, like will Savage return? Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

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