'Arrow' Recap: 'Legacy,' Season 5 Premiere Episode

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The CW's "Arrow" is back for another season. With a new job, new team members, and a new Villain, Team Arrow is working to keep Star City safe in "Legacy" the season five premiere episode.

Team Arrow has lost Thea and Diggle, Oliver and Felicity have been contiuning on their own. Tobias Church, Star City's newest terroriser will have Oliver reaching out to build up his team.

Five years in the past, Oliver fights against the Bratva in Russia.

Some things don't ever change, even as the mayor Oliver is late to a big social gathering because he's fighting crime. He's fighting with Lonnie Machin who's planted a bomb. Once Oliver has knocked him out, he turns back to the bomb.

A boy in a hockey mask is fiddling with the bomb trying to disarm it. Oliver tosses him out of the way. After Felicity disarms the bomb, Oliver shoots the other vigilante in the leg in warning.

Thea lectures Oliver on his lack luster performance as mayor. He's not as into it because he's doing the vigilante stuff on his own. Thea makes it clear that she's not coming back. The flashback goes to Russia, where Oliver is fighting for a chance to speak with Mr. Kover.

Before he can collect, he's tasered by the Bratva. Curtis and Felicity are updating the system when Oliver goes down to the cave.

Felicity hands him a folder on other crime fighters to bring onto their team. Oliver believes that Thea and Diggle will be back.

The police stop a deal that's about to happen. But they aren't there for good. They kill the two and get ready to take the money. Before they can, another man enters. He takes out the leader of the police gang and crowns himself the new leader.

Lance is back in town. Oliver goes to visit him. He's fallen off the wagon and has broken up with Donna. Oliver asks him to be a part of the team again. Lance refuses.

Oliver ditches his security in order to see what Felicity has dug up about Tobias Church. She calls him out about being stuck in the past when he acts about gathering a new team. After he leaves, she sends Curtis out to look into the Wild Dog. Church is getting ready to lure the Arrow got into to the open. Oliver makes a touching speech at the unveiling of Laurel's statue. Lance is there.

The memorial is attacked by Church and his men. Oliver is unable to fight them so he gets taken. Felicity and Curtis are trying to track the van but can't seem to find it.

She hints at Speedy suiting up. Thea changes the subject.

Before the guy in Russia can shoot, another man appears to save Oliver. It is an old friend of his. He gets Oliver out of the chair by dislocating his fingers. A lesson for next time Oliver gets tied to a chair. Lance puts Church's motives together.

He tells Thea so she can take to the streets. However, she still isn't ready to suit up. Lance motivates her with a speech.

A police officer takes Oliver to a secluded section of the warehouse. Oliver kicks his butt. Thea shows just in time to see Killer Arrow make a comeback.

Thea has retired again now that killing is back on the table. Felicity pushes bringing more people in but Oliver puts his foot down about bringing in amateurs. In Russia, Oliver asks his friend to get him close to Kolver. His friend's advice echo's Felicity about his need to move forward. Curtis hasn't been able to find Wild Dog.

Just as he's about to return to the hideout he's jumped. Oliver is finally accepting that Thea and Diggle may never come back.

That doesn't stop him from calling Diggle. Lance gives him a folder of police officers that will help the Arrow. It flashes back to Laurel making Oliver promise that she will not be the last canary.

Lance has a team going in to disarm the bombs and save the hostages. The Arrow gets Church's attention while the team tries to accomplish everything else. The team can't disarm the bomb. Oliver refuses to leave without Church.

The hostages are saved and Oliver catches a ride on Church's helicopter. Church beats him off of the helicopter.

Oliver forms the anti-crime unit with the team of officers that helped with the hostages. Church is taking over all the Starling City gangs.

Oliver agrees to expand the team. Curtis demands that he be recruited as well. In Russia, Oliver is preparing to become part of the Bratva through an intense beating.

Oliver video chats with Diggle who believes that adding to the team is a good idea. Felicity goes home to her new man. A man dressed like the Arrow attacks one of the police officers.

"Legacy" kicks off the season with a new baddie and a new background story that will come to be very relevant to the present of "Arrow." Keep watching, Wednesday's at 8pm and keep an eye for those four show crossover episodes that have been promised.

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