'Arrow' Recap: 'Green Arrow' Season 4 Premiere Episode 1, Damien Darhk Emerges

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After season three of CWTV's "Arrow" ended with Oliver and Felicity riding off into the sunset, you wouldn't really think they'd return too soon.

In, "Green Arrow," episode one of the fourth season, Starling City is introduced to Damien Darhk the new villain who is going to shake thinks up.

While Oliver left the Laurel, Diggle and Thea in charge of keeping Starling City safe, something went wrong. A new villain emerged and his name is Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).

Darhk is leading a team of assassins and he is unlike any enemy they've faced thus far.

Thea and Laurel sought the help of Oliver who cut his much needed time away with Felicity to rejoin the team and take back the city.

There is still however a rift between Diggle and Oliver and it causes some conflict when Oliver rejoins his old crew.

Arrow begins as Oliver is out for a run in what looks to be a normal suburban neighborhood. It's a vast difference from Starling City. When he gets home, he is greeted by Felicity who is attempting to make breakfast for Oliver, however, she failed. They look incredibly happy and full of bliss.

Felicity is still working for Palmer Industries and Oliver has to leave bed for brunch. Meanwhile, Thea and Black Canary are out chasing a truck full of robbers.

Thea is kicking all sorts of ass and Diggle joins in for a single shot. Canary stops the truck however, the team of attackers have heavy back up and it looks like team Arrow is forced to retreat.

The return to the base and the "ghosts" have been attacking the city more often, according to Laurel. Laurel says they need to ask for help but Diggle doesn't seem to want to accept that. Lance is being pressured by his higher ups to catch these "ghosts." There is also a mention of Central City and its recent Flash Day from the season premiere of The Flash. Just then, Damien Darhk walks into the room and tells Lance and his organization that he is the one behind the attacks.

He tells them that he wants the city to die so that it can rise again. Darhk seems very menacing and frightening and threatens the committees lives of the loved ones.

Felicity and Oliver are at brunch with a new pair of friends and it looks like he plans on marrying Felicity who gets nervous at the mention of kids.

A flashback occurs of Oliver during one of his first nights as the Arrow. He stumbles a bit and Amanda Waller is there to greet him as he dangles upside down from the room. Meanwhile the District Attorney has been poisoned and Laurel is there to report in to Diggle and Thea.

The precinct is under attack by Darhk's ghosts and Lance is cornered by three of them. Diggle and Canary save Lance but Thea may have failed to save her mark.

Lance is shot in the fight but it doesn't seem to be fatal. Meanwhile the Darhk and his "ghosts" are taking over the city.

At a private dinner with Felicity, she asks Oliver if it's a special occasion. He walks out to get a souffle but when he returns he is greeted by Thea and Laurel who briefs him on Darhk and the "ghosts." They tell him that Diggle seems to think they can handle it but they are in over their heads and they need the Arrow.

Oliver says that the Arrow is dead but Laurel and Thea beg him to go back. Felicity says their friends need their help and it looks like the happiness has ended.

In a flashback, Waller tells Oliver that she wants to help him. She knows he is trying to do something productive and tells him to stop trying to run from his inner darkness.

She says that the only way out is through. The entire setting is a test for Oliver who is drugged.

Oliver and Felicity are taking a limo back to Starling City and Oliver doesn't intend on staying long. Oliver is starting to second guess what they really accomplished over the years. When they run into Diggle, Oliver tries to talk Diggle into letting him back but he's not happy.

Felicity realizes that the threat is more than they thought it was and Diggle puts his pride aside. Oliver starts dishing out orders and forgets that times have changed.

Oliver and Felicity are working very hard to get all of the research they need and Oliver sniffs out the fact that Felicity has been helping the team all along.

Lance is trying to convince Laurel to stay away from going after Darhk and the experimental explosives his team has. Laurel realizes that no one wants to stay in Starling City anymore. Lyla tries to convince Diggle to let go of what happened. She says that Oliver did what he had to do to beat Ra's Al Ghul.

Oliver is going over all of the times that Felicity ditched him while they were in suburbia. Felicity was happy with Oliver but bored.

She wanted to continue to help the city and Oliver says he doesn't care that she lied but he cares because part of her was still with the team.

Felicity finds a location and Oliver and the team assemble. Also, Cisco has created a new suit but Oliver ditches it for now. Darhk gives his "ghosts" a speech and asks one of them to step forward.

He was displeased with the way the "ghost" carried out the mission and as a result, Darhk kills one of his own. Oliver and the team move in with a vicious attack.

Before he dies, the "ghost" tells Oliver that Darhk plans on destroying Starling City. Lance and his team rolls in as team arrow rolls out, however, he does catch a glimpse of Oliver.

When the team returns, they go over everything they saw. Oliver says that Darhk's power was mystical. He wants them to focus on finding the bombs and everyone has to go back to doing it the old fashioned way with detectors. Oliver brings up Thea's brutal attack on one of the "ghosts" where she almost killed him.

Thea says that nothing is going on while Oliver believes she may be losing control. Oliver tries to spark up a conversation with Diggle but Diggle says that he thought Oliver could trust him, but realized that Oliver is just as dark inside as the League.

He walks away from Oliver and Lance approaches to give Oliver a lesson. Oliver tells him that he's not a monster anymore.

In the third flashback, Oliver awakens on a cargo plane where he is forced into a mission by Waller. He has to infiltrate the area, assess the threat and report back. Oliver is being forced to go back to Lian Yu.

In present day Oliver tells Felicity that should have never came back and that Lance was right about him bringing back pain, misery and darkness from the island.

Oliver says the only way he knows to fight the darkness is to be the darkness. She convinces him that he needs to be a different person.

The team comes in to news that the bombs are on the new trains for the Starling City rail station. We finally get a glimpse of the new suit that looks like a much more agile piece than his former suit. Oliver suits up and looks ready for action.

The train is racing across Starling City and the Green Arrow is trying to find a way onboard to stop it.

Thea alerts everyone at the station that it's not safe and the Canary and Lance are trying to get everyone to safety.

Oliver manages to get onboard and finds Darhk. Green Arrow shoots at Darhk but Darhk seems to have telepathic powers and super strength. They engage in a fight after Oliver realizes he is fighting the man that Ghul was telling him about.

Darhk almost takes out the Green Arrow but Diggle is there to save him. Green Arrow and Diggle blow the train up before it could reach the station and cause any damage. Darhk manages to escape.

Back at the team's base, Oliver says he is not leaving the city. Oliver tells Diggle about H.I.V.E. operatives that Darhk has. Diggle has heard of the H.I.V.E. before, once when Deadshot filled him in.

Diggle is short and wants to exit fast, without saying anything to the team. The Green Arrow addresses the city and gives them a sign of hope.

He says that he intends on standing with light and fighting for the city to be the symbol of hope that the old Arrow wasn't. He declares himself the Green Arrow.

Oliver lands on Lian Yu in the final flashback and Damien Darhk injects himself with water from the Lazarus Pit while reciting mystical words. Darhk is then greeted by Lance who he says is involved in H.I.V.E. darhk says he wants a full report on who the Green Arrow is, who he loves and where he hides. Felicity and Oliver are trying to make themselves comfy in the old loft and Olicity seems to be as amazing as ever before.

Oliver and Barry are looking over a grave and Barry apologizes about missing the funeral. Oliver says he wants to be alone and he's going to kill "him." Something big is coming.

"Green Arrow" is the reemergence of Arrow and the introduction of a new, stronger and more powerful enemy.

The strange rift between Diggle and Oliver was teased by Stephen Amell and to see it in full force is definitely interesting. Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series "The Originals" returns with season 3.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.