'Arrow' Recap: 'The Fallen' Season 3 Episode 20, Felicity's Journey To Nanda Parbat

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Last week things got a little dangerous for Felicity on "Arrow." This week on "The Fallen," episode 20 of the third action packed season, Oliver must carefully consider the offer from Ra's Al Ghul.

Last week Ra's al Ghul did the unthinkable when he appears to have taken out Thea. This week, he makes Oliver a no-brainer of an offer that could bring Thea back to the living. Diggle and Felicity join Oliver as he pays another visit to Nanda Parbat.

Things get a little rocky when Felicity tries to make everything better on her own.

He trip to Nanda Parbat shouldn't sit well with Ray who had a pretty strange look on his face after seeing Oliver and Felicity together.

With the team of "Arrow" down one member after Roy's departure, can they prevent it from being two?

The adventure begins as Thea wakes up on her loft floor injured and barely moving. Oliver runs in and rushes to side in a worried state. He calls an ambulance and urges his sister to stay awake.

Thea is rushed into the operating room and Oliver watches by helplessly as they try to bring his sister back to life. They manage to get a pulse and Oliver falls back in a state of shock and relief.

The doctor tells Oliver that Thea will have to live on life support because of her injuries and asks him to consider otherwise.

Oliver asks to see Thea and he is visibly distraught as he watches his sister fighting for her life on a machine.

Malcolm comes in and immediately rushes to his daughters side in an emotional state. In a flashback Maseo and Oliver do a little detective work on the Shrieve and the bio-weapon he is creating. They race off to try and stop him with Tatsu.

Diggle and Felicity meet Oliver at the hospital and he is still in a state of shock but manages to tell them what happened.

Oliver sees a smoke signal and while Diggle urges him to stay put Oliver says that Ghul has won.

He strikes Maseo demanding him to tell him who attacked Thea and Maseo simply says he can still become the next Ra's Al Ghul and stop it all.

Oliver prepares to leave for Nanda Parbat and he tells Felicity and Diggle that there is a way to save Thea. Malcolm tells Felicity and Diggle that Ra's has offered the waters of Nanda Parbat to Oliver in exchange for him to assume the role as the next Ghul. Malcolm says that the Thea they get back won't have the same soul that they knew but the team is still onboard.

So onboard in fact, that they too insist on going with Oliver to Nanda Parbat.

When Felicity asks Ray for his jet so that she an the team can go to Nanda Parbat, he reveals that he knows that she still has feelings for Oliver.

He grants her the jet anyway and wishes her the best.

Malcolm joins Oliver and the remaining team members on the trip but Malcolm tries one more time to convince him that he shouldn't let Thea be subjected to the pit. On the jet, Felicity and Oliver talk about the time he visited Starling City before his official return.

He opens up to Felicity and says all he ever wanted to do was protect Thea and that he's failed.

Another flashback occurs where the team of Maseo, Tatsu and Oliver chase down the Shrieve and the bio-weapon. Oliver unleashes an attack on the military guards and together he and his team find that they attacked the wrong truck.

In present day, Oliver and his new team are greeted by the entire League of Assassins. Ra's welcomes Oliver home as Thea lays in her brothers arms. Maseo tells Oliver that he must prepare for the ritual and that he will treat Thea as his own family. Maseo welcomes Diggle to his quarters and Diggle is not happy with the way Maseo is trying to help Oliver.

Diggle says that the League is full of cowards, however, Maseo counters with the fact that he's had to hold his dying child in his arms and lie to him. Oliver and his friends lower Thea's body into the it and wait as the magic works.

Thea lunges out of the water and attacks her brother as if she is on edge.

Thea has to be restrained and drugged so that she can calm down. Ghul says that he's fulfilled his end of the arrangement and that Oliver needs to fulfill his end. Thea doesn't seem to know her brother.

She thinks that Oliver is dead but she does remember Malcolm. Malcolm has to be the one to calm her but he knows when she tells him that he loves her it's not the real Thea.

Oliver was assured that the confusion will past but Malcolm is upset.

Felicity disagrees and takes matters into her own hands by approaching Ra's. She tells Ghul that she, Diggle and the rest of her friends will come back and go to war in order to bring Oliver back.

Ghul tells her the story of the choice he had to make when he was forced to become the new Ra's Al Ghul.

Ghul's words are cold and he insists that Felicity tells him goodbye, how much she loves him and anything else, before Oliver is lost to her forever.

Oliver sits waiting for his fate when Felicity walks in and asks if he's okay. They begin speaking of the time he first thought he's be losing his little sister. Oliver says all the time he was struggling with who he is and he still has no idea who he should be.

All he knows is that everything that's happened has led him to this moment. Felicity tells Oliver that she wishes she could save him, reminds him how many lives he's saved and changed for the better.

Felicity finally tells Oliver that she loves him and they share a passionate night in Nanda Parbat to escape what's been going on.

In the flashback Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu find out where the weapon is, however, Tatsu and Maseo are not on the same path. After Oliver and Felicity have made love she pours them a drink and they toast to being together. She tells Oliver she's sorry and it looks like she drugged him and tells him that she can't lose him, she won't lose him.

This is just incredible. The episode continues to bend and as for the flashbacks, "Arrow" writers just need to quit playing and let the fans know the significance.

Felicity approaches Diggle and Malcolm about her plan but she hasn't thought it out as much as she thinks. She asks Malcolm if there is a secret way out for Oliver and Thea. He tells her about the catacombs and she immediately orders him to get Thea so they can leave.

Malcolm slices his way through the League on the way to the catacombs and the team receives some surprise help from Maseo. As the journey continues, Thea begins to have trouble standing.

The team encounters some trouble but Oliver wakes up and commands the League to stand down. Oliver explains to Thea that he won't be going home with them just yet.

Oliver has to say goodbye to his good friend Diggle. He tells him that he's the best man he's ever know and his brother. The final goodbye goes to Felicity and he asks her not to give up on living her life happy.

He tells her that they shouldn't say goodbye this time and just when Oliver gets his love back he must let go. Oliver walks to his new tenure in Nanda Parbat.

What does this mean for Starling City? Who is going to keep the city safe when Roy is gone and Oliver looks as if he's going to be out of commission with new duties to the League.

Back in Starling City, Thea wakes up and asks Malcolm what's going on. She is back to her normal self and Malcolm asks her if she remembers anything about the last few days. She remembers the attack and continues to ask where her brother is. Malcolm tells Thea that Oliver traded his life for hers and vows to make up for all of the wrong he's done to her.

Felicity breaks the news to Laurel that Oliver has joined the League. Oliver has to explain to Ra's Al Ghul why he shouldn't kill his friends.

Maseo gives himself up as the man who killed three of his own League brothers.

Ra's grants Maseo a pass because Oliver will need him for the transformation. Ghul says that "Oliver Queen" must be extinguished from memory and he needs to assume his new persona.

The final flashback shows Tatsu, Maseo and Oliver in a shoot-out for the bio-weapon. The vile was broken in combat and exposed.

In present day Nanda Parbat, Ra's Al Ghul brands Oliver with the mark of the League of assassins. Oliver has been reborn into the Arrow, heir to the demon.

If there is one man who has been through an emotional rollercoaster it's Oliver Queen. He's witnessed losing his father, mother two former loves and ran the risk of losing his little sister.

All of this at the hands of a man bent on having Oliver as his successor.

The final episodes of the "Arrow" get more epic by the week. Fans who want to see what happens next can tune in next week at 8PM EST as "Arrow" continues on the CW.