'Arrow' Recap: 'Code of Silence' Season 4 Episode 14, Green Arrow Guilt

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After Oliver chopped off Malcolm's hands in CWTV's Arrow, Malcolm confirmed siding with Darhk at the end of the episode. In "Code of Silence" episode 14 of season four, Oliver struggles with a promise he made earlier this season.

Damien Darhk and HIVE has now returned to deliver the final blow on Team Arrow, however, the team managed to figure out plans and hopes to stop them before it's too late. Lance is happy to have Donna in his life but now that Darhk plans on carrying out a dangerous attack, he isn't sure if she should be around for it. Felicity and Oliver decided to go through with a wedding faster than expected and Oliver begins to regret not telling Felicity that he has a son.

Seems fitting since Malcolm gave up William's name to Darhk to hold as leverage.

We also don't know what Thea's reaction will be after finding out what they did to save her. Will Laurel be able to help the team defeat the Demolition Team?

The episode gets started with a debate debriefing from Thea. Just then Ruve interrupts and says they finally meet. He asks her about her last night and she says that she isn't married but Oliver knows the truth.

Oliver and Ruve exchange in a conversation and when it ends there is a moment of comedy where Felicity asks Oliver to test out the engagement invitation.

Then the team moves out and begin tracking Ruve's limousine Oliver begins following the limo and arrives at an open lot where he has lost it.

However, Ruve emerges and tells Oliver that Damien is disappointed he didn't make it to their meeting.

To punish him for stalking her, a group of Damien's thugs come out of the woodworks and begins to attack. Speedy, Canary and Diggle come and help take out the thugs however, they lost Ruve. The team goes back to the lair and realizes that there has got to be another reason that Ruve is in the running.

Meanwhile, Damien and Ruve are chatting about the plan to end Oliver, however, he tells her that Malcolm gave him a gift. There is now a meeting between Damien and his associates, including Malcolm.

When Damien doesn't like a comment from one of the associates, he has him taken care of.

Damien leaves his associates by saying that Lance will also be taken care of after they express concerns. Lance is at his office and has a chat with Laurel when he gets a call about a 602. Laurel says that she wants to tag along and Lance admits that he has dinner with Donna planned. Laurel says that it's fine and she wants to go along.

Then, Oliver and Felicity walk into their loft that has been completely redecorated for the party. Thea walks up and tells Oliver that Alex has found out that Oliver's mother wrote a check to Samantha for one million dollars but it was never cashed.

Thea asks if he wants her to check it out but he convinces her to drop it, though she sounds suspicious.

A flashback occurs and Oliver is faced to meet with a group of those he held captive while in position as one of Reiters men and they want revenge for the death of Taiana's brother. Taiana asks the men if they are going to kill Oliver right in front of Reiter's men and Reiter's men actually leave so that they can carry out their attack.

In present day Laurel and Lance respond to the call but they are surprised when explosions begin going off in an attempted assassination.

Diggle is tending to Captain Lance's wounds and the team realizes that Darhk was trying to make the assassination look like an accident. They urge Lance to stay in the lair while they each go on their own missions but Lance is worried about Donna. In another flashback, Taiana tries to get the men to reason with and trust Oliver. He tells them all he wants to do is stop Reiter and get them all out of that place.

They tell him that the only way he can prove that is to kill Conklin. Taiana asks Oliver if he has ever killed and he says that he has.

He is afraid that he will be turned into a monster again but Taiana tells him it will take a monster to fight a monster.

Lance gets back to his office where Donna greets him and he tells her that they can't see each other for awhile because he owes someone money. Donna tells him that whoever he owes money to, she can take on. He tells her it's more complicated than that and she tells him that maybe they should make it longer because she doesn't want to be lied to anymore.

She tells him to respect her enough to tell her the truth or he doesn't. Felicity wheels in and asks Lance what he did after she sees her mother leaving upset.

He admits what he did but looks past it and fills him in on some information she found that could lead to the base of operations for HIVE.

The team goes on a mission where they meet up with the Demolition Team members Rosie and Hardhat. They get into a pretty serious battle but the Demolition Team escapes and they have also set a trap to demo the building. Thea runs off to get the laptop that they were using while the rest of the team heads out and she barely makes it out.

Back at the lair Felicity is pretty upset because there are nails sticking out of the evidence she is supposed to recover. However, Oliver asks her to pull data off of the damaged hardware.

Lance tells Oliver that Donna called it quits and tells him he is lucky he is with someone he doesn't have to keep secrets from. In a flashback, Reiter and Oliver have a conversation and Reiter tells him he was able to decipher the inscriptions on the relic he brought him.

Reiter is searching for a hidden place that possesses power and tells Oliver that he is the only one who can find it. Conklin comes in to watch over Oliver and Oliver goes on the attack.

In present day, Felicity is trying to console her mother after the breakup and Donna is really torn up. Felicity tells her mother that maybe Lance has a good reason but Donna isn't sure. Meanwhile, Donna admits that she has been living vicariously through Felicity because she and Oliver are one of the couples that everyone believes in.

Donna says when she sees something that beautiful no matter where, she doesn't think she will ever find it.

Felicity tells Donna that maybe Lance is trying to protect her because he loves her and she needs to return the love with a little trust.

Thea and Oliver are going over his debate notes and before they wrap up, Thea asks Oliver why he didn't tell her that he went to college with Samantha. Thea dug some digging and brings up William and Oliver has to admit that he has a son. She asks him why he hasn't told anyone and he tells her about the promise he made to Samantha.

Oliver says he thought he was doing okay but then Thea brought everything up during his engagement party and he isn't sure he can marry Felicity if she doesn't know. Thea says it's not a lie and Oliver says it still doesn't make it right.

Thea says that what Samantha is telling him to do is the right thing and he needs to keep it a secret, because it keeps William safe.

Diggle calls Oliver and tells him that the Demolition Team uses a special acid to demo the buildings and that they can only find in one place. He and Diggle reach the place however, all of the men are dead and there is plenty of the acid missing.

Curtis is working on something at Palmer but Felicity comes in and tells him that she is having trouble with the laptop. He was working on a surprise for her and tells her that she is going to love it.

Oliver talks to Lance and Lance wants to know how Oliver has been keeping up a double life all of the time. Oliver just tells Lance that sometimes the lie is good if it is protecting someone her loves. In a flashback, Conklin and Oliver are facing off and Oliver actually kills him. Before he dies, Conklin calls Oliver stupid and says that Reiter is going to kill everyone anyway.

In present day it's debate time and everyone is getting ready. Curtis calls Felicity to tell her that he found a set of blueprints.

He uploads it to Felicity and she tells the team that HIVE is trying to take down the very building they are in.

Oliver says that HIVE wants to him out before the debate. He asks Felicity to evacuate the building and she does so with ease. Ruve calls the Demolition Team and tells them there is a change of plans. She tells them not to let Oliver leave the building alive.

Lance arrives at the scene and tells Donna and Felicity to stay put while he goes in to check on Diggle, Oliver, Thea and Canary. They find no hostages but a whole lot of bombs.

They need to try to disarm the bomb but when Diggle tries to, a boobytrap goes off and he comes face-to-face with Hardhat. Meanwhile, Laurel and Thea are taking on Rosie and Oliver is in a battle of his own.

Diggle wins his battle and so does Thea and Laurel. Their neutralizing agent works and Oliver clears his area as well. Oliver then leaves to get back into his suit for the debate.

Donna sees Lance taking one of the attackers away and Felicity tells her not to let Lance get away. Ruve and Oliver take the stage, shake hands and he wishes her good luck.

The debate went on as scheduled and Oliver actually came through with the win. Oliver won't accept the win until the official results come in.

Meanwhile, in another flashback, Reiter locks Oliver up for killing Conklin who warns him not to test him again. Oliver takes a seat in his cell and Taiana gives him a thank you. However, he tells her he doesn't need a thank you, they need more time because Reiter is going to kill everyone. Felicity and Oliver introduce, Diggle to one of their old neighbors.

Donna interrupts and tells them that they need to go see the photographer. Lance walks in and asks to speak to Donna.

He apologizes and tells her that he lied to her because he was afraid how she would react to the truth.

He tells her it was HIVE, the same people that tried to hurt Felicity. He reveals that he use to work for HIVE because of Laurel and she forgives him.

Oliver and Felicity need a break from the photos when Curtis and his boyfriend come in. Curtis presents Felicity with her gift. She opens it up and finds a micro-chip.

Its an implantable bio stimulant that could help her walk again. Oliver and Felicity are taken back by the gift and Curtis says he needed a power source but once he found it, he knows that it could work.

Oliver says that Curtis is terrific and thanks him.

Back at the Darhk residence, Damien introduces his daughter to William and he lies to her by telling him that his mother asked them to watch him for awhile. Yep, it's going to hit the fan hard.

"Code of Silence" has proven to be quite the eventful and emotional episode for Arrow.

The team knows what a huge threat they face and it's only going to get worse for them.

Will they pull it together before it's too late? Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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