'Arrow' Recap 'Canaries,' Season 3 Episode 13, Laurel's Battle With Sara

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With Oliver returning in a big way last week on "Arrow," things look to be getting back to normal.

In "Canaries," that notion couldn't be anymore wrong as Laurel has to take a step back a visit a ghost of her past.

The super drug Vertigo is back on the streets and Laurel becomes infected when she and Oliver battle Count Vertigo. The effects of Vertigo causes her to hallucinate thus beginning a battle between her and the original Black Canary, her sister Sara.

The battle between the two sisters will prove whether or not Laurel can fulfill the task of being the Black Canary.

Chase catches Thea off-guard with a pretty big surprise while Roy just wants her to get away from her father, Malcolm out of fear that the League of Assassins will turn their attention her way.

Diggle and Felicity continue to play their back roles but it looks like Felicity and Ray are making strides on his super suit as The Atom.

Tonight's action kicked off as Laurel and Sara battle it out as the Canaries and Sara seems to have the upper-hand completely bloodying her sister up. Arsenal and Arrow are working at night and when Laurel comes in to help as the Canary, Oliver is not happy at all. They butt heads and Laurel says maybe it's best they stay out of each other's way.

Oliver approaches Diggle on giving Laurel permission to help fight crime.

Malcolm approaches Oliver in front of the team and he tells him that Thea needs to know that Oliver is the Arrow. Diggle tries to persuade Oliver otherwise in fear that he might lose her forever.

In a flashback Oliver and Maseo are working on a plan to run away from Chin Nah Wei. Maseo tells Oliver to turn himself in to his home and announce that he is back so that he can have refuge. Meanwhile, Count Vertigo is being taken away but it seems as if he has infected the guards responsible for his care and they begin to hallucinate while he gets away.

Chase approaches Thea and the club and flirts with her to see what her plans are. When he leaves, Oliver approaches telling her that he has to show her something and it looks as if he is going to reveal his secret to her.

Oliver leads her to the basement turns on the light and shows her all of his weapons. He tells her that he lied the whole time to protect her and she realizes that he is the Arrow.

Thea is not in the slightest bit upset with Oliver and thanks him for telling her who he really is bringing the two closer than ever. Thea asks Oliver if he knows how many times she wished she could thank the Arrow and Oliver tells her that he is surprised Malcolm never told her.

Malcolm comes in and tells Thea that the time is now for everyone to know because Ra's Al Ghul is coming for them all.

Thea is upset at Malcolm for driving a wedge between her and her brother all while manipulating her.

Oliver flashes back to when he made the phone call to his mother telling her he was alive. He is approached before the call is ended, chased and then tasered. Back in present day, Felicity, Diggle, Roy Oliver and Laurel find out that a reporter is the one who administered the Vertigo to the officer. Oliver doesn't want Laurel to join them as they go after him.

He calls her an addict because she is chasing these criminals to fill the void. Laurel scolds him for his words and Arsenal and Arrow take off to find the reporter who did it.

The reporter has a bomb strapped to him because Count Vertigo has threatened his family. When Oliver asks him to stop and give him the detonator he doesn't and presses the button.

Arrow and Arsenal manage to escape while Vertigo watches in delight.

Arrow and Arsenal manage to escape while Vertigo watches in delight. Oliver returns home late at night and Thea is awoken when he's in.

It's nice to see that there aren't anymore secrets between the two and Oliver tells her how he and Roy went after the man who escaped the courthouse.

Oliver even calls her Speedy and tells her that they have to trust Malcolm but Thea refuses.

Waller is the one who found Oliver and is torturing him to give up the location of Maseo and his wife. Waller also erased the message before his mother could hear it and threatens his sister's life unless he gives up the location of Maseo and Tatsu. Oliver thinks and finally tells her that they are on a ferry to Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Lance expresses excitement about Laurels moves outside the courtyard. He asks her if she has spoken to her sister because he spoke to the Canary but something didn't seem right.

Lance then tells his daughter than Sin told him the woman in the costume was not the Canary. Laurel manages to shrug it off and Lance leaves without a proper answer.

When Thea runs into Roy he tells her that she is doing the right thing with not trusting Malcolm. Oliver interrupts and brings Roy in so they can be briefed on the fact that Laurel is out on her own going after Vertigo and his shipment. Felicity strongly disagrees when Oliver says that he put a tracker on Laurel because she was being reckless.

When Laurel is infected with Vertigo, the show picks up where it started, with Laurel getting her butt kicked by the hallucination of her sister.

The Canaries are battling it out and Arrow comes in to save the day before Vertigo could deliver the last blow. Arsenal and Arrow take out some of the men and tend to a delusional Canary.

Arrow and Arsenal rush Laurel to the basement and she is still delusional. Things get a little crazy in the basement when Oliver commands Thea to go back upstairs as she walks in on them. Roy becomes protective of her and stands up for Thea.

Felicity takes Roy's side saying that he has no right to come back to the city and question everyone's choices.

He tells them to let him know if there is any change in her condition and leaves them all behind.

Thea runs into Chase and delivers a big kiss as she goes out with him Roy watches as he is too late.

Diggle and Oliver sit down at the bar and Diggle gives him a little insight on what went on while he was gone. Diggle says that they almost quit but decided not to because they were all fighting for one thing. In a flashback Oliver remembers the moment Maseo was brought in with him. Apparently Maseo had a plan all along incase Oliver was captured and came back to save him from Waller.

In present day, Laurel wakes up and tells Felicity that she saw Sara who was alive and calling her a fraud. Laurel doubts herself and Felicity says that she is right because she sees a light inside of her that Sara never had.

Felicity urges her to stop trying to be Sara and be herself. Felicity and Laurel notice the scanners going off and find out that Vertigo is opening a drum filled with chemicals to make the drug.

Thea and Chase are spending some extra time together and it looks like they getting closer than ever. Chase pours her a drink and she notices that it smells a little funny. She was almost poisoned and tries to right Chase.

When she is in trouble Arsenal comes in to save her followed by Malcolm who puts an arrow into Chase.

Chase commits suicide by drinking poison denying the satisfaction of Malcolm for him to beg for forgiveness.

Now Thea has been saved by the man she hates the most at the moment, how will she deal with him after he has saved her yet again?

Oliver is briefed on the situation and when they can't find Arsenal, it looks like the Black Canary will rise to the challenge once again. Meanwhile, Vertigo is tormenting scientists to making more of his killer drug. Canary and Arrow take care of the goons but Count Vertigo sends the chemically filled factory ablaze.

Arrow stays behind to save the scientists inside, meanwhile, Laurel is infected again but this time she is facing more than just Sara but her father as well.

Laurel faces Vertigo after she is able to overcome the effects and emotions that were running through her. Oliver comes in when the job is done but Felicity tells him he has to get home to Thea.

Laurel returns to her father and she finally begins to tell her father the truth. Lance stops her before she could tell him what happened to Sara and tells her that Sara is off somewhere fighting a bad guy and she took her place. Laurel quiets him and tells him that Sara is gone and in one of the most emotional moments in Arrow, Lance breaks down only to be comforted by his remaining daughter.

Oliver rushes in to see if his sister is okay. Malcolm tells Oliver that Chase was one of Ra's agents as Thea tells them both that she never asked to be a part of any of this.

Thea says maybe Oliver is right that they can't do it without Malcolm, however, she says she will not forget or forgive Malcolm. Malcolm responds by telling Thea and Oliver that they both have to conquer their fear.

To do so, Oliver and Thea have to leave with Malcolm and it looks like the Arrow is leaving the city in the hands of Arsenal and the Canary. Roy and Thea are beginning to get closer and she thanks him with a simple kiss.

Thea and Oliver are on a journey together back to where it all started.

In a flashback, Waller has Maseo and Oliver in the back of a car and tells them both that they tracked Chin Nah Wei to Starling City!

"Canaries" explores Laurels personal battles with herself and her way of coping with Sara's loss in this week's"Arrow." Malcolm's mentoring of Thea looks like it is striking a nerve with Roy. Thea learns that Oliver is the Arrow tonight.

Oliver's return some much needed balance on the show.

Before he rejoined the team there was more of a frantic feel to the unit, but now it seems to have mellowed out.

Fans who are on top of all things "Arrow" will have to be patient for next Wednesdays episode at 8 PM EST on The CW and for those who haven't gotten enough, you can head over to The CW to catch up on all the "Arrow" extras.