'Arrow' Recap: 'Brotherhood' Season 4 Episode 7, Brothers and Bloodlust

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Just when things may have been getting normal for Thea, something goes wrong in CWTV's Arrow. In "Brotherhood," episode seven of season four, Oliver finds out about Diggle's brother and Thea's bloodlust becomes an issue for the team.

Oliver and his team will face another hurdle after learning about Andy and his apparent string of illegal activity. Diggle tells Oliver where he got the information from and things get a little fuzzy in the fight against Damien Darhk. Ray has been rescued and Sara has left the team to pursue her own peace.

Felicity and Oliver deal with the complications of their relationship. Laurel continues to help the team and Thea's bloodlust gets the best of her at the wrong instance, right in front of Oliver's campaign manager, Alex.

A night of action begins as two ghosts are trying to take down an armored vehicle. They almost succeed but Team Arrow is there to stop them led by Black Canary, Speedy, Green Arrow and Diggle.

Thea manages to control herself during the fight.

When all of the ghosts escape, a bomb goes off in the back of the truck and the ghosts have set fire to the money.

The team meets with Felicity to try to find out what Darhk and his team can gain from such attacks.

Felicity agrees to meet with Ray and see if he can help. Meanwhile, Diggle hands Oliver the file of evidence against Andy. Diggle says Darhk had Andy killed because his criminal operation got in the way of theirs.

Oliver tells Diggle to trust him and give his brother benefit of the doubt.

He says things aren't always what they seem and a flashback ensues. In the flashback, Oliver learns that the man he killed was the brother of the woman he is trying to save.

Meanwhile, Ray and Felicity are going over some of the DNA they have in order to find a match or identification. Ray manages to find a way to identify it. Oliver has to prepare to for a gathering and he is surprised at how much his sister is learning from Alex. When he leaves Alex says he thinks that Oliver is on to them and thank God Oliver isn't a killer.

Meanwhile Oliver storms back into the room and tells Thea that they have to go because of a "dental issue." They need to retrieve a sample of the formula they can use to unscramble the DNA markers. Team Arrow is on the attack and Laurel manages to grab the sample.

When she is attacked, Diggle comes in to save her and tells her to go.

When Diggle pulls back the mask of the ghost it's his brother, Andy. Andy then opens his eyes, attacks Diggle and high tails it out of the building.

Diggle is stunned and Felicity along with the rest of the team now knows that Andy is alive. Oliver is still giving Andy the benefit of the doubt but Diggle is puzzled as to why.

The entire team is trying to convince Diggle that the man behind that mask is still his brother but he says his brother is dead.

In a flashback, Oliver is being questioned by the mercenaries and Ryder. Oliver manages to escape Ryder's wrath when he sends it towards the mercenary that set Oliver up.

Darhk approaches Lance about the meeting he set up last week. Darhk believes that the meeting was set up in order to distract him but Lance managed to keep it cool. Darhk continues to threaten Laurel's life but also says that it's not the worst thing he can threaten him with.

Malcolm shows up in Star City to try to help Thea.

He says the bloodlust should be returning soon and tells her she can't control it alone. Malcolm presents her with information on a pedophile in hopes that she will kill him and keep her bloodlust at bay.

The entire team as well as Oliver's campaign team attend the PBA gathering. He makes a speech about the people who keep Star City safe and how grateful he is for having them. Oliver asks Lance for a location of one of Darhk's soldiers.

Lance says that his help is limited and Oliver asks if he is in danger. Lance says he hopes not and directs Oliver to the docks.

Laurel and Diggle have a conversation about his brother and she tells him to be happy that his brother is still alive.

Laurel says now is his chance to heal but Diggle recounts telling his nephew that he would never see his father again.

Oliver mets Darhk at the PBA party and the two meet alone. Darhk wants to help Oliver win and he also wants to work together with him. Darhk threatens Oliver to leave the Bay alone or else. Felicity is trying to convince Oliver that trying to take down Darhk as Oliver Queen is not safe.

She says he decided to run for mayor to instill hope and inspiration. In a flashback the mercenary has to be punished by Oliver at Ryder's request. Oliver whips him as he screams in pain.

Alex and Thea are on a date and they seem to be having a very good time together. Alex is sympathizing with Thea over going so many years thinking her brother was dead.

Then, when Alex takes a call Thea is approached by a pushy man which causes her to open up a can of whoop ass.

However, she unloads a little too much and almost goes at Alex when he stops her. He asks her what she's doing and it looks like the bloodlust is starting to creep in.

Diggle tells Lilah that his brother is back and Oliver knocks on the door. He wants to talk to Diggle and asks him how he's holding up. Diggle says he is as good as he can be and Oliver says that Lance has some intel. Oliver offers to check out the docks with Diggle while Thea and Laurel sit the bout out.

Darhk meets with a group of suspecting ghosts. He presents them with a pill that will allow them to listen to his every command.

He makes them kneel but Darhk's team spots Diggle and the Green Arrow and they begin to fire away.

Green Arrow and Diggle are in a fight for their life and Diggle ends up saving Oliver from a group of ghosts, then drags him to further safety.

Felicity is tending to Oliver's wound and Diggle is blaming himself for what happened. Diggle asks him to let it go and says that Andy made his choice, however, Oliver doesn't want to let go. Diggle says that Andy let his wife and son believe he was dead for eight years.

Oliver still asks Diggle to hold out hope so that no matter what darkness they enter there is still a way out.

Oliver wants to fight Darhk from the inside and Diggle says if that's what he wants they need to take him down in light of day.

In a flashback, Oliver has to tell the woman he saved that her brother is dead. He apologizes multiple times but does not tell her that he was the one who took his life. Felicity meets with Ray who is still working on the tooth.

Felicity asks him why he's not living again and he says that upon catching up with what happened while he was gone, he doesn't feel that there was much purpose. He says if he has to come back to life he has to find his purpose.

Ray goes over his research and tracks Darhk's men back to Mueller Psychiatric Center.

The entire team comes together and they want to help Diggle get his brother back, however, Diggle is adamant in not letting it happen. Unfortunately for him, the team vote wins and they all move out to retrieve his brother. The team is getting ready to move in Thea wants to know how they tell who Andy is.

The team has been gifted with a new lens to help them see beneath the masks. Thea and Laurel are spotted before Oliver could give a command to move and they have to fight to their way through the ghosts.

Thea luckily finds Andy and she and him continue to battle it out through multiple floors. She manages to put a harmless dart arrow in him and calls for help to get him out.

When she moves through the hallways looking for her team, she is approached by Darhk. He recognized her fighting style and asked her how Malcolm is doing. He tries to use his powers on her but it looks like the affect of the Lazarus Pit has stopped him.

It also looks like he may have absorbed something from Thea. Her bloodlust perhaps? As if he needed anymore. Elsewhere, Diggle saves Oliver once again and says his "brother needed him, the green one."

Diggle thanks the entire team back at the lair, including Ray. Felicity asks if Ray will be heading back to the office but he says he is going to take some time and figure out what he needs. Diggle leaves in order to have a chat with his brother and Oliver agrees to follow Diggle's advice and fight Darhk in the light of the day.

In a flashback, Oliver lies to the captive and tells her that the other mercenary was responsible for the death. He hands her a map to what he believes Ryder is looking for.

He tells her he needs her help to get to a place where he can find a full survey of the island.

Thea invited Malcolm to her home and he asks her if she reconsidered his advice. She says she isn't going to do so, however, she found another way to help control it. She tells him what happened when she ran into Darhk. She wants Malcolm to help her figure out a way to make it permanent.

Andy is in holding and Diggle is trying to talk to his brother and asks him to explain and help him understand what he has been doing. Andy takes the file, looks over all of the details and says that everything in the file is true.

Diggle is obviously emotional after holding out hope and being disappointed.

Thea finds out that Alex was the one who saved her from being arrested. She then asks him to be a bit more patient with her. Meanwhile, Oliver is delivering another speech to Star City.

He is fighting to restore the Bay out in the open for everyone to see. Darhk and everyone else watches on as Oliver says he will never stop fighting to save the city.

"Brotherhood" is another episode in which the newly repaired relationship between Oliver and Diggle is addressed. The two are clearly back to having each other's back.

Meanwhile, something big is coming and it's going to shock the entire team, though, no one really knows what it is at this point.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

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