'Arrow' Recap: 'Broken Hearts' Season 4 Episode 16, Arrow V.S. Cupid Round 2

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The break is over and CWTV's Arrow is back in a pretty big way.

In "Broken Hearts" episode 16 of season four, a familiar foe leads a dangerous life of killing and it's up to the Green Arrow to take her out.

Cupid/Carrie Cutter begins a ruthless spree of killing couples during what is supposed to be their happiest time in life, their wedding. Despite putting the ring on the table and walking out on Oliver, Felicity finds herself in a staged wedding with Oliver as they attempt to draw out Cupid.

Damien Darhk's trial is underway as Speedy, Diggle, Arrow and Black Canary attempt to stop Cupid before she takes more innocent lives.

It all started with a kidnapped couple being serenaded by cupid. They are tied up and already appear to be hurt. They try to convince Cupid to let them go and she mocks them before asking them how much they love each other.

They both reply more than anything and Cupid says it is sweet and pathetic before putting an arrow in each of their hearts.

Damien Darhk is being arraigned but Darhk's lawyer suggests that Damien Darhk is not his clients name. They motion to dismiss the case and the judge orders Darhk to holding while the case goes on.

Oliver and Felicity are trying to be civilized during the move. He tries to talk about her progress but Felicity turns it into a marriage discussion and things get worst.

She asks Oliver to cancel the venue and he says he will get around to doing so while she uninvited the guests.

He tells her that he'll leave her to the movers and she asks about her involvement with the team and Oliver tells her she is a part of it forever and always.

In a flashback Oliver is taken to an underground cave where Baron tells him about growing up in a village in Africa. His home was destroyed and so were all of the villagers. Oliver asks him how he is any different from the people that destroyed his village.

Baron says it makes him very different and shoots one of his men.

In present day the team returns from a quiet night and Laurel breaks the bad news about Darhk's trial.

Felicity says that the team can testify and when Laurel mentions the engagement to Oliver she reveals that they are no longer together.

Diggle visits Oliver and asks him how he is holding up. Diggle tells him to give her time and Oliver says Felicity being on the team might help.

Thea comes in with a call from Lance. Arrow arrives at the scene where Lance presents him with Cupid's arrow, a dead couple and a note reading, "love is dead."

Oliver returns to the lair and they are trying to figure out how Cupid got loose. She worked her way out of Task Force X. Thea believes that Cupid is going to target a high profile wedding.

The team heads out and Diggle testifies that Darhk walked into the office and took Diggle, Oliver and Thea hostage. Darhk's lawyer asked what Diggle does for Oliver and make a point to point out that Queen no longer has money.

He also brings up the fact that Diggle helped Thea buy a large sum of drugs and the testimony goes out the window.

Laurel says unless she can come up with a witness that Darhk's lawyer won't take out they will lose the case. Lance volunteers but Laurel says they will find another way. Laurel stays behind while Diggle, Thea and Oliver take off to catch Cupid after a tip from Felicity. Cupid is driving the limousine that is carrying a newlywed couple.

She notices that Team Arrow is on her tail and begins driving erratically trying to lose them. Thea makes it on to the roof of the limo but she is knocked off.

Diggle and Oliver arrive and Oliver tells Diggle to stay with Cupid.

Felicity tells him to let them help him but instead he and Cupid square off in a fight. He thinks he captured her but she escapes and all he can hear is Felicity say, "I guess you didn't have her."

The team returns to the lair and Oliver says that Cupid is pathological with her targets. Felicity says it makes sense and the rest of the team can tell there is something wrong between Felicity and Oliver. Thea and Diggle tells him that he should tell her that he wants to get back together with her because she needs to hear it.

In a flashback, the man who was shot by Baron loses his soul to the relic that sits on a rocky ledge. Baron is drawing power from the relic and Oliver and Taiana use it as a chance to escape.

Lance approaches Laurel about the case and she seems to be working hard. Laurel says she is not going to let her father go to jail. Lance says it's the only way to bring him down and she agrees.

Laurel says she will do it under the condition that he would reveal he was acting under distress.

As the rest of the team meets Felicity in the lair, she gets a location on Cupid and Team Arrow takes off to find her. Felicity tells them the only movement she is tracking in the building is the team.

Oliver tells his team to stay alert and Diggle reveals that he found something. It's practically a shrine to all of the couples that she went after. Thea finds the next target which happened to be Oliver and Felicity. Oliver tells Felicity they need to get married, most likely it's a way for them to become bait. Felicity tells him that it's the worst idea they ever had but Diggle sticks up for Oliver.

Thea also adds that she and Diggle will have their backs. Thea says she will leak some information that says they are having a low-profile wedding.

Oliver says they might have an issue with the date because he never cancelled the venue. He reveals that whenever he tries to cancel he doesn't because that would mean it's over. Felicity says it is over.

Baron is hunting Taiana and Oliver who are hiding in the tunnels. He radios in to them to say they can willfully surrender or he will have his men find them. In present day, Lance is testifying against Darhk and admits all of the crimes he committed under distress.

Lance says he did it for Darhk's organization called H.I.V.E. He revealed that his daughter's life was threatened and Laurel has no further questions. Darhk's lawyer takes a shot at Lance, however, Lance says that he is setting a match to his career and life for testifying against Darhk and that he wouldn't do that if it wasn't true.

Oliver and Felicity are getting ready for their mock wedding and when Oliver lays his eyes on her he can't believe it. Oliver tells her that she looks perfect. Felicity is blindsided by the fact that they have to administered vows. She does so very lightly and when it's Oliver's turn, he digs a little deeper.

He brings back all of the memories of the time he first met her in darkness and how much she was able to bring him back to the light. He says that she let him know that he deserved it and that she was the light.

He says he doesn't know if he still deserves her trust or light but the way that she makes him feel is the best part of his life.

He says she can ask him to say that she doesn't love him but he will never lie to her again.

Cupid shows up and ruins the moment. Cupid says that Felicity isn't the best thing in his life because it would make him soft. She then says that soft would make him vulnerable and shoots Oliver with an arrow. She also reveals that she plans on blowing up the building they are in and Felicity is not happy. Cupid tells her that their relationship was just a fairytale.

Cupid says that love is a bullet to the brain. Oliver rises up and reveals he had kevlar under his tux.

He tries to convince Cupid that she doesn't need to blow the building but she says she loved two men with all her soul and they are both dead.

She says that love always ends in death and she is cutting out the middleman.

Felicity says that love is not death and that love is life itself. Felicity says if she died that night she would be okay because she was lucky to experience it.

She reveals her real vows and says that her love with Oliver gives her life meaning and purpose.

She says it is worth living for and Cupid is stunned for a second before Thea and Diggle step in and take her down. Oliver shoots her with a tranquilizer and asks Felicity if she is alright.

Oliver and Felicity leave the venue and Cupid tells them that they give the rest of the world hope as she is carried away. Oliver wants to meet up with Felicity to talk about what she said and before she can agree to a time they are interrupted by Thea.

Diggle says he heard what Felicity said and that she just needs time.

In a flashback, Baron's men go after Taiana and Oliver but they only find the relic. Oliver and Taiana go on the attack and find themselves in possession of the relic and guns.

In present day the judge reveals that Lance's testimony was compelling. She says that the testimony was believable and agrees to hold Darhk without bail or the possibility of release. Darhk is escorted out in front of the team.

Laurel meets with her dad to ask them if they are okay. Lance is approached to give up his badge and weapon.

Laurel tells him it's a temporary setback and she will represent him. He tells her she needs to stay focus on taking down Darhk.

Felicity visits Oliver at the lair and he says that's not how he pictured their wedding day. Oliver tells her that everything he said he meant. Felicity tells Oliver that she loves him with everything in her but what she said doesn't apply to them. She says they can't get married but Oliver says yes they can.

He promises and swears to her that there will be no more lies. Felicity says no matter how much he loves her there will always be a part of the man who saved himself alone.

She knows that he will have to hide things from her and she apologizes to him.

She says she convinced him that they could have it all but she was wrong. She walks away and Oliver asks her what it means. Felicity says it means it is too hard to be there with him every night and not be together.

She tells him that he doesn't need her and he will be fine. She says there is no fixing it and they have to let each other go.

She gives him the ring and asks him to keep it for good. Before she leaves they tell each other they don't want to let each other go but Felicity says she is already gone.

Darhk is being walked into his cell and finds himself all alone. However, he opens his mouth which holds a ring, places it on his finger and cracks a smile.

"Broken Hearts" is a pretty intense installment in Arrow. It's becoming pretty evident that someone is going to fall but it is still unclear as to who will take the fall.

Malcolm is back to his ruthless and cunning self giving up all of the progress he had made up until episodes 14-16.

Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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