'Arrow' Recap: 'Blood Debts' Season 4 Episode 10, Hunting Damien Darhk

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Just when Oliver thought his life was going to come together things took a horrible turn in CWTV's Arrow.

In "Blood Debts," episode 10 of season four, Oliver is on a hunt to find Darhk and make him pay for what happened to Felicity.

Oliver does not receive good news about Felicity which sends him back into the ruthless fighter he tried to rid himself of. Thea, Laurel an Diggle have to decide whether they are going to accompany Oliver in his fight to find and kill Damien Darhk.

He is seeking the ultimate revenge for after his happiness was taken from him. Felicity's mother is by her side the entire time but there is some pretty shocking news that she must deliver to Oliver.

The return of Arrow begins as Oliver pays a visit to what looks like a fresh grave in the future. Oliver tells Barry it's not his fault it's his responsibility and he vows to kill Damien Darhk. The Green Arrow is torturing ghosts trying to find Darhk as doctors rush to save Felicity's life.

Oliver returns to the lair and tells Diggle that none of the ghosts will talk.

Laurel tells them that Felicity is going in to another surgery and while she tells them they should be there, Oliver decides to stay behind to continue the search for Darhk.

In a flashback Conklin is leading Oliver to meet his maker and they stop momentarily but he's very hurt. In present day all of team Arrow minus Oliver pays Felicity a visit before her surgery. They believe that it will fix the nerve damage and Felicity says she understands Oliver is tracking Darhk.

Diggle takes drastic measures when interrogating his brother about Darhk whereabouts. Oliver pays a visit to Lance who gives Oliver the meeting place for him and Darhk.

Lance will have to go into hiding and tells Oliver he sees he is back to dropping bodies. Oliver tells him it's just one.

Oliver arrives at the location he was presented by Lance only to find bodies on the floor. Oliver leaves after he finds the mark of Anarchy a.k.a. Lonnie Machin.

Machin is one step ahead of team Arrow so Oliver decides to follow up on his findings.

Another flashback occurs where Conklin brings Oliver and the prisoner back to Baron and he is not happy. Baron tells Conklin he can kill Oliver but he decides to punish him by whipping him.

Diggle stops by his home to visit Lyla and admits to torturing Andy with his fists. Diggle tells Lyla he feels betrayed because Andy was his brother. Lyla tells Diggle that Andy became a traitor and Diggle has been treating him like a ghost too long. She tells him that he should try to treat Andy like a brother before he gives up on him.

Laurel and Thea are chatting about Machin and her previous run in where she almost burnt him to a crisp. Thea is not sure they can catch Darhk.

She tells Laurel about her run in with Darhk where her bloodlust went away. She says Machin has a bloodlust of his own and it's all her fault.

Laurel walks in on Donna and Lance who are finally coming out about their relationship. Lance begins stumbling over his words when Donna leaves but Laurel says it's okay and she wants him to be happy. Lance tells Laurel that the blood Machin used to mark the territory was not of the ghosts but of his adopted parents. Back at the bunker, team Arrow spots Machin and they all suit up to find him.

Speedy and Arrow are clear and so are Laurel and Diggle. However, they find Machin watching TV. He puts his hands up at first but then ducks as two automatic weapons fire at the team. Thea manages to escape and tracks Machin but a trap explodes. Machin says he doesn't want to kill Thea because she saved him from himself but she aims an Arrow at him.

Laurel lets out a scream to stop Machin before the fight begins and Oliver puts an Arrow in Machin without killing him, so that they can figure out what he knows. The team has Machin trapped and Thea tells Oliver that they should be putting Machin away. Laurel tells Oliver that Machin is deranged but Oliver doesn't listen, he tells them that he needs to find out where Darhk is.

Thea interrupts Oliver before he continues to beat the info out of Machin. She tells him that she got a text about Felicity being out of surgery but it doesn't seem good. She tells him he needs to go.

Diggle tries a different in getting information from Andy who tells him that he could never enlist because it was always about Diggle. Diggle tells him that it's not true. He says that Darhk doesn't give a damn about him.

Andy says Darhk believes in hitting a reset but Diggle counters with the story of Felicity and begs his brother to tell him where he can find Darhk. Andy gives Diggle the information he needs and sends him to Stonehaven.

Thea is babysitting Anarchy who is talking her ear off. He tells her she burnt away his weakness. She threatens to kill him and he asks her why she is holding back. Machin says that she can't control herself and she has a hunger to deliver death. Just before Thea can do anything drastic, the police arrive.

Oliver arrives at the hospital to find Donna. He says he should have been there and Donna tells him that there is a new diagnosis.

She says the doctors can't fix the damage to her spinal cord and she is never going to walk again. Oliver assures her that they can try another doctor but this is the last doctor.

Oliver wants to see Felicity but before he gets up he notices that Machin had been found and Laurel was behind his capture. In a flashback Conklin is whipping Oliver but Baron tells him to stop.

He notices the marks on his body and when they stop to discuss them, Oliver grabs a gun and turns it on himself.

Oliver breaks Machin out from transport to finish the conversation but Machin won't give up Darhk's location. Oliver lets him out of his shackles and tells Machin to make sure Darhk is dead.

Oliver returns to the bunker and Laurel asks him if he completely lost his mind. He tells her that he did what he had to do because she turned Machin in. Oliver says it's a vendetta but it's not persona.

He put a tracker on Machin that he could use to find Darhk.

When Laurel condemns him for it, he uses her sister against her. Diggle walks in on the conversation and tells Oliver not to lose his humanity that he worked so hard to gain.

Thea visits Oliver's campaign manager and tells him that she can't move forward with a relationship. He wants to help her get through her anger but she tells him he can't. He tells her that he doesn't believe that she can't be helped and while she thanks him, she says she isn't ready but he is willing to wait.

The team assembles once more and when Diggle mentions that Machin is loose Thea freaks out. Things get worst when he reveals that the tracker is dark.

Diggle tells Oliver to go see Felicity and the rest of the team assures him that they will find Machin.

Oliver finally pays Felicity a visit and she greets him. She knew exactly why he didn't come to see her and she asks him to tell her that he hasn't gone off the rails. He says the reason that Darhk is winning because he wasn't willing to go far enough.

He was blaming what happened to her on himself and said that he didn't know what the point of being the Arrow was if he can't protect the people he loves.

Felicity thought when he didn't come it meant the engagement was off but he brought her ring back and placed it on her finger. He then says, "for better or worse."

In the flashback, Oliver bargains for captivity instead of death. Conklin is not happy but Baron puts him back in his place. Oliver tells Laurel that Felicity is stronger than all of them.

Laurel then tells him that the have a location for Darhk and it happens to be Stonehaven.

Machin is holding Darhk's wife and daughter hostage and says that Darhk is on the way. Machin has a flamethrower and it looks like he is eager to use it.

Team Arrow makes their way to Stonehaven and they see the mark of Anarchy outside. They split up once again and Oliver destroys the flamethrower with an arrow. He and Thea distract Anarchy as Laurel and Diggle help Darhk's family. Oliver searches all over for Darhk and finally finds him.

When he sees him he charges at him. Machin is captured in the woods as Oliver faces off with Darhk.

Thea holds an arrow up to Machin.

Darhk begins using his powers against Oliver and he asks where his family is. Oliver says he saved them and Darhk tells him for doing so he gets to spend a few weeks with his.

Meanwhile, Thea actually tries to take on Machin but it goes wrong. Oliver returns to find the team intact and Thea apologizes for letting Machin get away. Oliver decides to go see Felicity.

In the final flashback, Conklin locks Oliver up and tells him one day Baron will have to let the two of them have their time.

Oliver is being taken care of by the captive he saved who tells him her brother would have liked him. In present day, Diggle and Andy play a game of cards.

Thea retracts what she told the campaign manager who isn't sure why she called him. She tells him that he was right and she is stronger than she thinks she is. Oliver is at Felicity's bedside and he tells her he is nowhere near done apologizing to her. He asks her to go to Bali with him and she says she will go anywhere with him. She picks up on the fact that Oliver wants to try to get her away from the city but she tells him if Darhk is still in Star City, there is still work to do.

Darhk is being criticized by his wife for not killing the Green Arrow. She tells him that Genesis is almost ready.

He promises her a new begin when they have brought the world to an end.

Oliver gets into the limo after visiting the grave and asks Felicity if she is okay. She asks him if he is and tells him that he has to kill Damien Darhk.

"Blood Debts" was filled with uncontrollable emotions and put Oliver back in a place of darkness. It's becoming clearer that Darhk is the most ruthless villain that Oliver has ever faced and he is being pushed to a limit that he hasn't been pushed to in the past.

Arrow really returned with intensity and grit. Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

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