'Arrow' Recap: 'Beacon of Hope' Season 4 Episode 17, Bug-Eyed Bandit Returns

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The final stretch of CWTV's Arrow continues with a ton of buzz.

In "Beacon of Hope" episode 17 of season four, Brie Larvan is back with an even deadlier strain of tech bees and it's up to Oliver and the rest of his team to stop her.

Brie Larvan's is at Palmer Tech looking for the bio-chip that is responsible for restoring Felicity's ability to walk. Her desire for the chip turns deadly when she holds Felicity, Thea and Donna hostage at Palmer Tech.

Things go awry when Oliver comes into contact with Larvan's bees and he has to turn to an unlikely ally in order to help save his loved ones.

It also appears as if the Bug-Eyed Bandit has a little help with her, making her even more dangerous than anticipated. Will Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Thea, Felicity, Lance be able to get themselves out of this mess?

The madness begins as Larvan hacks into the system at Iron Heights. She is changing her release date and when the guard checks on her, she changes her screen to research on bees. Team arrow is having a huge training session and Oliver beats Laurel, Thea and Diggle.

Oliver looks to be using the training as a way to cope with Felicity not being there. Just then, Thea gets a message from Alex who is thinking of working for Damien Darhk's wife.

Laurel suggests that a new head of Palmer Tech is being hired and Alex might want to choose a different side. In a flashback, Reiter catches up with Oliver and Taiana but they have the upperhand with two guns, or so they thought.

Taiana tries to kill Reiter but her gunshots do absolutely nothing.

Reiter then changes his mentality to making better use of them.

Meanwhile, in present day, Felicity and Curtis are trying to find a way to drive the price of the bio-tech chip down, however, the new head wants to get rich.

Donna walks in on them and asks Felicity to head out to lunch after the breakup. Then, Thea walks in and she says that Alex sent her a message about working for Ruve. Darhk has been brought to a holding area where Malcolm is visiting him.

Malcolm says he has been in touch with Darhk's resources and they no longer have any love for him. He says H.I.V.E. is moving forward but Darhk won't be a part of it. Darhk tries to use his powers on Malcolm after being insulted, however, it doesn't work.

Oliver is still training and Laurel comes in to let him know that it's okay to miss Felicity. She says she knows how passionately he loves and how much it hurts when the love goes away. Oliver says he thought he would be tougher.

Laurel reminds him that this is a different kind of hurt.

During a meeting at Palmer Tech, one of the board members has fallen ill and before the rest of the room can call for help, bees come spewing from his mouth.

Larvan walks in and demands the chip inside of Felicity.

Larvan is holding the board hostage as she delivers the message to Felicity who is in utter shock. Felicity then turns off the monitor in anger. Donna says they should get out of the building if Larvan is in the building. Then, out of nowhere, bees begin swarming around Palmer Tech.

Curtis is home sick when he sees the report and rushes to tell the Arrow that Felicity needs help. Lance, Laurel, Diggle and Oliver are already aware of the situation.

Lance reveals that Donna is in the building as well and Oliver tells Laurel to suit up. He is going to try to save Felicity despite the warning from Lance.

Thea, Felicity and Donna realize that they are trapped and take to the air vents in the building to try to escape. Curtis arrives at the Arrow lair and stumbles upon the secret elevator leading him into the lair. He is shocked when he sees the real identity of Laurel and Oliver and passes out.

In prison, Darhk meets up with a couple of criminals looking to take him out. They begin beating on Darhk, however, the guards come in just in time.

Thea, Donna and Felicity head out of the air vent but they are met by a bee who chases them through the building. At the lair, Curtis wakes up and thought he was dreaming but learns it's all a reality. Curtis continues to react in excitement and Oliver tries to get him to focus.

Oliver tells him to get it together and asks him what he is doing there. Curtis tells him that Felicity is in trouble and Curtis turns to Felicity's machine to help hack into Palmer Tech and get reroute the bees.

Curtis seems to be the new member of Palmer Tech.

In a flashback, Reiter reveals that he is controlling souls within his body. Oliver says he is killing people to gain power. Reiter demands to know where the idol is being hidden before he kills them.

In present day, Thea, Felicity and Donna are hiding from the bees when Curtis' bee comes in to tell them where they can go to find team Arrow. They move to the area but Curtis is kicked out of the system and Larvan's bees for a full body.

Green Arrow is stung and it doesn't look good. Felicity, Thea and Donna run back into the building and away from the Bug-Eyed Bandit's machine.

Oliver is brought back to the lair where he seems to be reacting very badly to the sting. The hasn't just stung him, he is inside of him. The bee is replicating itself inside of Oliver as it did to the dead board member.

Donna is beginning to worry and Felicity gets another message from Larvan who tells her she is out of time.

Larvan gives her an extra five minutes before begins killing the rest of the board members. Felicity is thinking and comes up with an idea.

Back at the lair, the team is trying to get Curtis to think like Felicity would. He tells them that they need a high frequency to disrupt the connection of the bees. They suit Laurel up with her Canary vocalizer and it seems to work.

Curtis seems to really be enjoying replacing Oliver. In a flashback, Oliver and Reiter are fighting each other as Taiana lies unconscious.

Reiter gets the best of Oliver and Oliver says Reiter will become a monster, however, Reiter believes he will become a god.

Before he can really show Oliver his power, he runs out and Oliver uses the moment to take him out.

Thea, Donna and Felicity move to the conference room to get the board members to safety. They blow through a concrete wall in the elevator and lead them to a secret panic room. The only problem is, Felicity and Thea are staying behind to face Larvan. Larvan leads Thea and Felicity to a room at gunpoint and they learn why Larvan is so connected to bees.

Larvan is running out of patience and threatens to kill Thea. Larvan reveals she has a tumor and if she undergoes surgery, she would become paralyzed.

She needs the blueprints of the tech to help her so she isn't permanently paralyzed. Felicity gives her the location of the blueprints.

Oliver is back up and running and Curtis is excited about celebrating the wins but Thea and Felicity are still trapped. Oliver is very harsh on Curtis about what comes with the job. Laurel has to step in and pulls Oliver away. Oliver says Curtis needed to hear that but Laurel tells him no one needed that.

Oliver is trying to get Curtis to walk away from the life they are living. He says he came back because of Felicity who convinced him they could save the city without surrendering to the darkness.

Laurel tells him that the harsh truth is that Felicity broke up with him because of his lies as Oliver.

She tells him life is not fair but he can still save the city and continue to be a "Beacon of Hope" to people.

Back in prison, Darhk is visited by the criminals again but it seems as if two of them are double-crossed by Mar. He tells him to call his organization and have a message delivered. Felicity and Thea are discussing Oliver who Felicity is still worrying about.

Thea tells her they put up with it all and push pass it because they are the beacon of hope. Felicity says now that she is out she looks at life in a different perspective.

Felicity says she will not come back to the team.

Oliver approaches Curtis and he is doing his best to find a way to save Thea and Felicity. Curtis rigged one of Oliver's arrows with a virus to shut down the bees and Oliver tells him good work. Felicity and Thea meet up with with Larvan again and though she has what she wants, she learned that Felicity was the one who sent her to prison. Team Arrow returns and Laurel and Diggle take car of the bee creature. Oliver rushes in to save Felicity and Larvan's bee hero has gotten the best of Laurel and Diggle.

He returns to the room where Oliver has already shot the virus into the wall. Thea is knocked out by the evil bee man and Oliver goes on the attack. Felicity ends up saving the day by electrocuting the bees.

Lance saves him and Curtis from a stray bee in the lair, allowing him to work on saving the rest of the team.

Larvan breaks loose and shoots Oliver but before she can harm anyone else, Curtis reprograms her own bees to take her down.

Oliver and the team come back to the destroyed lair, however, Oliver congratulates Curtis on a job well done. Larvan has been taken into custody and Curtis thinks he is going to head home. Oliver tells him that he is always welcomed and Laurel congratulates Oliver on a nice apology. In a flashback, Oliver rushes over to Taiana and wakes her up.

She is worried about Reiter and his team coming for them but Oliver says they are going to take them all out. In present day Curtis returns home and says that he belongs at home.

Thea and Felicity are hanging out and she asks Felicity how she could miss the team.

Felicity says she was never in the team to take down bad guys but to be a beacon of hope. Felicity says she found a different way to make a difference, which involves creating technology to help others walk again.

Meanwhile in a strange twist Malcolm is having a conversation with Darhk's ace in the hole. The ace is Diggle's brother.

"Beacon of Hope" found team Arrow in some pretty heavy distress. Larvan came back packing a pretty dangerous bite but the team overcame the threat with a little help.

It's still unclear who will be lost this season on Arrow, or if anyone will be saying goodbye at all.

Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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