'Arrow' Left Behind Recap, Season 3 Episode 10, Felicity In Disbelief

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On the mid-season finale of "Arrow" fans were not prepared to witness Oliver get defeated, now tonight on "Left Behind," the tenth episode in the shows third season, the team must cope with losing Oliver and defend the city.

Tonight everything is upside down with Oliver supposedly being killed. Roy, Diggle, Felicity and Laurel try to keep the city safe in the Arrow's absence with the reality of Oliver's death kicking in slowly.

Felicity will not believe that the man she loves could be dead, but Merlyn pays the team a visit that puts it all into context.

Ray starts the testing of the new suit he is developing; and Laurel assumes the role of being the Black Canary picking up where Sarah left off.

The action kicked off as a group of suspects are being chased by Lance and his department. The Arrow is clearly nowhere to be found but his apprentice is. Roy shows up on the motorcycle that Oliver used.

Diggle takes on the Green Arrow costume since their friend has fallen but it seems like they are getting along just fine without him.

They manage to catch one criminal with the second getting away. Felicity and the team have been taking on all of the stress of saving the city and though it's only been three days Roy and Diggle are concerned.

In a flashback, Maseo and Oliver are still under Waller's control as the two continue on the quest for Chin Na Wei. Tatsu has been captured and Maseo is becoming wary of her orders and ignorance to his wife's capture.

Ray is busy designing a new armor as he has been introduced as the future Atom.

Felicity and Ray seem to be working closely on the project and she finally begins telling him that maybe he should rethink what he is trying to do.

She seems to care a lot about him and it must leave viewers wondering if she has had a change of heart.

Laurel is working with her father and the Lance's seem to be making a big stride in keeping the criminals off of the streets. Laurel seems to have her head on straight and is kicking ass in the court.

Felicity is still ignoring the possibility that Oliver could be gone and Diggle and Roy are taking notice.

Roy heads out after they receive a lead on the second suspect.

Diggle and Felicity finally sit down to talk about Oliver and though Diggle believes in Oliver, he says that he is preparing for the possibility that maybe this time Oliver may not be coming back.

Meanwhile, Oliver is laying motionless before being found by yet another bow and Arrow wielding man.

By now fans should be prepared for his return as the show really can't go on without the main character, as Felicity said, he's overcome adversity before and he could do it again.

The crooks that got away are being dealt with by Brick their leader who does some pretty bad damage. Laurel overhears a lawyer who may be working for Brick and it looks like she is alerted to a lead.

Meanwhile, Thea and Malcolm are training even harder than before but she becomes distracted by Oliver's disappearance. She is worried about Oliver because he hasn't contacted her in three days.

In another flashback Maseo and Oliver are preparing to finally get their mission complete but Maseo knows that Waller is lying about getting Tatsu back. The plan goes awry when Oliver loses his grip on a grapple.

Back to reality, Diggle and Roy are busy trying to complete their mission and Diggle finds some remains that have been torched. They assume that Brick is tying up loose ends before anyone can run a trace on him.

Felicity, Roy and Diggle return to find the lair door open. Malcolm is the one inside to Felicity's dismay and he asks them about Oliver's whereabouts. Malcolm basically volunteered to help find Oliver not only to Felicity and the team but to Thea as well.

Felicity is still in disbelief but Laurel comes in with some information that could lead Roy and Diggle to Brick's whereabouts.

The team tells Laurel that Malcolm says Oliver is dead but she sides with Felicity and says that he will be back.

A-top the mountain Malcolm approaches looking for Oliver as the show moves into another flashback. Oliver breaks into the building that is the supposed location of Chin Na Wei but when he gets inside he and Maseo are greeted by gunfire.

Malcolm returns to the lair and presents the bloody sword that was used to "kill" Oliver and he says that the body was unrecoverable.

Malcolm is trying to convince the team that Oliver is dead and Felicity is starting to become very angry with him as is Roy and Diggle.

Malcolm reveals that Oliver's death means his own and that is the only thing that makes the team feel a bit better.

Meanwhile, Oliver's body is still being carried in the ice Tundra.

As the team tries to cope with what they just heard from Malcolm a signal sounds as the blood analysis reveals that it is Oliver.

Felicity is now in a bit of a shock but she still leaves to go to work and she is heart broken.

The flashback continues as Oliver and Maseo continue to complete their mission. Maseo elects to cover Oliver so that they can escape without getting shot down.

Thea approaches Roy who is upset about his friend but doesn't reveal to her who it is. Thea says that she is worried about Oliver and she said that she wanted to ask Roy a favor. She wants the Arrow's help to locate her brother and Roy lies and says he will despite what he knows.

He approaches Diggle with what just happened and it seems as if they want to reveal to Thea that her brother is The Arrow. Diggle continues to look at the files and sees that there is something familiar about it.

Diggle realizes that some of the guys loose are men that they caught earlier. The men are all street enforcers and Roy and Diggle are trying to figure out why Laurel would have a list of them. Felicity and Ray have a conversation about his fiance whom Felicity says is not coming back.

In her state of grief she tells Ray that he has to stop doing what he is doing because it's not what Anna would have wanted. He tells her to never tell him about Anna again and recognizes that she is upset.

She leaves with tears running down her face and then receives a call from Diggle and Roy on the current case.

Diggle stresses the importance of stopping the criminals before they are able to have all of their cases thrown out, because if they don't, everything Oliver worked for would be lost. Diggle and Roy embark on their mission and are immediately under fire much like Oliver was in Beijing.

They begin taking out everyone firing at them but Diggle runs out of ammo and into Brick.

Brick and Diggle square off and it's not pretty for Diggle. The police arrive and Roy radio's Felicity for Diggle's location and she freezes. Roy ends up finding him and they two continue their battle but lose the man they were looking for.

Diggle says that it was bad luck and Felicity admits to letting them get away. She claims that she was doing it to save Roy and Diggle from being killed.

They admit they have been in tough spots before but Oliver's death seems to weigh more when it comes to Felicity's involvement. She walks out on the team and claims that she is done.

This is a crucial point in the show because of how important Felicity's character is. Her emotions are proving to be too much for her to bare working on a job that got the man she loved killed and she isn't going to continue to watch Diggle or Roy go next.

Maseo appears to be the one who has saved Oliver and he has brought him to what looks to be a familiar friend.

Felicity returns to Ray's office and tells him that she lost a few friends and she is sick of losing them.

She tells him that he is a friend and if he wants to commit suicide he can but she won't help him.

Brick was released by the judge and Diggle tells Laurel that Oliver isn't coming back. She asks him if he is coming back in a stern voice and Diggle says he doesn't know what happens next, he says he still thinks of himself as Oliver's bodyguard but he couldn't protect him.

The "loss" is hitting everyone hard, however, if they only knew that he is not only alive but among old friends. Laurel looks at Sarah's old weapons with determination in her eye.

Thea walks in and Malcolm tells her he didn't hear anything about Oliver. He tells her that they are in danger and they need to leave Starling City for good.

Brick has a meeting with his wrecking crew and threatens to expose them to the D.A. He vows to take over the Glades using his army, when two of the goons find themselves out side, Laurel attacks as "Black Canary!"

The final flashback is an argument between Waller and Oliver. Maseo says that he saw what Oliver did he did not hesitate.

Clearly he did not forget that Oliver helped lead him to Tatsu and the two are going to bring Oliver back to life! Oliver is coming back with the help of Tatsu and Maseo.

His good deeds for the two of them have gone a long way and now with Maseo, Tatsu, Oliver, Roy, Diggle and Laurel a team is sure to be assembled to take on Brick and his army.

"Left Behind" should really be getting fans fired up for the rest of season three and season four of "Arrow" that has been announced earlier this month. Laurel is now making her sister's legacy live on as she assumed the role of "Black Canary," it will be interesting to see if she is able to work the role when Oliver returns.

Fans who want to see what happens next will have to tune into "Arrow" Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW and for those who haven't gotten enough, you can head over to The CW to catch up on all the "Arrow" extras.