Arrow 'Draw Back Your Bow' Recap, S3 EP7, Arrow V.S. Cupid

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At the end of last weeks gripping episode of "Arrow" fans were introduced to Cupid "Draw Back Your Bow," the seventh episode of the action packed season three, things heat up when Cupid meets the Arrow.

Carrie Cutter is the arrow crazed serial killer who goes by the name Cupid and it looks like she has a thing for the man in green.

Cupid is completely love-crazed over the Arrow, however, her thirst for killing must be addressed by Starling City's very own savior.

Cupid goes on a killing spree in order to catch Arrow's attention but if she is looking for his love she is going about it in all of the wrong ways.

Diggle, Felicity and Oliver race around the city as rumors of masked man attacking the city have surfaced. They stop their van and help out a group of citizens who are in danger, one of them happens to be Cupid.

Later on Isaac is laying dead on the street in an Arrow costume. Detective Lance and Oliver discuss what is going on and Lance tells him that whoever it is might be after him.

Another flashback occurs as Oliver has an argument with Tatsu and Maseo walks in telling him he has a lead on China White. Felicity walks in on Ray as he is working out and it looks like he is having the same effect that Oliver did on her.

Ray invites her to dinner but she refuses but Ray insists on her company with an extremely expensive dress.

Meanwhile, Oliver analyzes Cupids arrow and he and Diggle discuss whether or not the perpetrator is has connections to Isaac.

Just then, Ray unveils his new idea for Queen Consolidated but renaming it with branding of his own and Felicity is right by his side.

Oliver is upset but smashes cupid's arrow to find an address. Oliver and Diggle try to investigate the area, however it just seems like someone had a romantic evening plan. That is until Cupid calls him and gives him a little insight into her plans for the two.

She wants to meet him, help him and even kill for him.

It looks like the Arrow has himself an obsessed groupie that is highly skilled in archery. He tells her he is going to find her and she says that's exactly what she wants him to do.

Roy is continuing to struggle with his nightmares and Oliver is trying to convince him that he wasn't himself when he killed the officer. Felicity walks in and Roy heads over to help Thea. Felicity fills Oliver in on the new hostage who happens to be a criminal.

Oliver asks for Felicity's full involvement but she tells him she needs the night off instead. When she asks, he tells her to do what she wants. Oliver has another flashback about him and Tatsu conversing while Maseo is missing.

Thea is auditioning for DJ's from the club and a young man walks into the club and tells her there is no need for more auditions, but he is sent packing. Felicity has found out Carrie Cutter's past and it looks like she was once on the good side. She is a former S.W.A.T. team member, upon hearing all of the information, Oliver and Roy head out on their mission.

When they split up, Roy encounters a snag and her name is Cupid. She was not happy about Roy being there and spoiling her moment. She tells Oliver that she isn't crazy just in love.

Arrow approaches to find the hostage and Roy in a little trouble. When Arrow refuses to give in to Cupid, she takes off running. Oliver manages to save the criminal hostage and Roy from a bomb but Cupid is still on the run and still crazy in love with him. Roy is not happy with his performance and Diggle does some digging that Felicity was supposed to be responsible for.

Oliver looks hurt and and he turns to working on his own to relieving his stress. Diggle pays a visit to Felicity and it looks like he is there on behalf of Oliver without his consent of course.

Diggle tells Felicity that the relationship she has with Ray can be dangerous for Oliver's psyche.

Arrow visits Carrie Cutter's psychiatrist for some background information. Carrie has attachment disorder, she pushes everyone away except for the person that she craves. The doctor tells Oliver that he will need to give Cupid what she wants in order to get close enough to stop her.

In another flashback, Tatsu and Oliver are sitting in the car waiting for any sign of Maseo and they have a moment where she explains why they had to flee Japan.

Apparently she and Maseo angered some very dangerous people and were forced to flee Japan in search for safety in Hong Kong.

While they spy on some suspects Oliver tries to be a hero but ends up getting captured by a Chinese mob family.

Meanwhile, Ray is trying to get over how Felicity looks in her dress and even gets her a very large diamond necklace that is worth 10 million dollars. Cupid approaches her own team member who is helping her find the Arrow.

He locates Oliver at the Verdant Nightclub which is the base of the entire Arrow operation. After getting her information, she kills her informant and takes off to find her obsession.

Detective Lance calls Oliver and tells him about Cupids last victim. Oliver says that he needs Felicity but Diggle knows that the real reason he wants her there is because he wants her away from Palmer.

Diggle offers him some advice but Oliver is too worked up over Felicity and heads out on his own.

Tatsu rescues Oliver in the flashback and she turns into a very dangerous sword wielding vixen. She learns that Maseo was killed by the triad as the flashback ends.

Palmer and Felicity sit down for dinner and Diggle sends her a message asking for her help. Cupid walks into the nightclub in a bit more fitting attire. Thea is approached by the pompous DJ who she enlists to help the horrible music situation.

As soon as he steps on to the platform he gets the party started. Felicity makes a very big impression on one of Ray's biggest potential clients.

She tells them that Ray isn't interested in money, but to make the world a better place. Is she starting to veer towards Ray and away from Oliver?

After Diggle gives Oliver some information he takes off to find Cupid.

Thea serves Cupid a drink without knowing who she is and in a turn of events Oliver is able to make a phone call leading her away from the nightclub.

Before she leaves, she threatens Oliver and tells him that he shouldn't burn her or she will burn everyone in the nightclub.

Diggle and Felicity are on standby as the Arrow confronts Cupid. He is continuously trying to talk her out of the current state she is in. He uses cryptic messages tell Felicity his true feelings that he can't be with anyone.

A battle ensues between Cupid and the Arrow and she looks to be a formidable opponent until has her trapped.

Then Cupid turns the tables by trapping Oliver on her own. Just before the two are crushed by a train Oliver managers to escape and saved Cupid in the process.

Oliver soaks his hand in ice as Diggle fills him in on Cupid's new path away from destruction. Diggle tries to convince Oliver to take back what he said in order to win Felicity back.

His words trigger another flashback as he and Tatsu returned home they find Maseo alive. The new DJ approaches Thea about the good time he brought her clients and he even hits on her.

He kisses her when she tries to give her his pay and tells her to keep it.

Ray and Felicity talk about the success she was able to pull off at dinner. As he reaches to take her necklace off the two share a little moment when he plants a kiss on her lips. Just as Oliver walks up to convince Felicity to take back what he said he sees them and leaves in quite a hurry. Ray suddenly pulls away from Felicity leaving her confused.

Oliver is upset at everything he has cost himself and Roy finds him in an angry state. The two of them head over to Diggles place for dinner in order to clear their heads.

Ray apparently has some plans of his own as he begins developing the A.T.O.M. exo-suit. Towards the end of the episode a new villain emerges wielding a boomerang as his weapon of choice.

"Draw Back Your Bow" introduced a new bow wielding villain bent on complete destruction in "Arrow." Laurel continues her training to become the hero her sister once was but will it be enough to turn her into half the fighter her sister was? Cupid took a little beating from the Arrow before she realized that he is not her one true love.

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