'Arnold Schwarzenegger's Guide To Blowing Sh*t Up': Dan Bilzerian Style Tutorial

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One of most well-known action film legends Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally released the secret to his success in a new "Guide To Blowing Sh*t Up" and you almost wish Dan Bilzerian was a part of it.

(Video Below)

With the "Terminator Genisys" movie scheduled to hit theaters in July, Schwarzenegger releases one of the keys to a great action movie and thats "blowing sh*t up." Schwarzenegger shows off his last video where he uses a tank to crush sh*t, pretty much the same way Dan Bilzerian crushed the BMW.

Some shots may have inadvertently been fired against Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian as Schwarzenegger cautions viewers by saying, "Now blowing things up with me isn't just about posting something incredible on Instagram or Snapchat, it could be very helpful in your life."

That was yet another move that was made by Bilzerian pretty often in the past.

The real moral of the story here is "if you're procrastinating with cleaning your closet" or "made too much spaghetti," blow it up. Check out the funny video below.

Watch "Arnold Schwarzenegger's Guide To Blowing Sh*t Up" below.

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