Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Starts Filming Terminator 6 Next Year

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The Terminator franchise was thought to be dead after Terminator Genisys received poor reviews.

However, the movie was still somewhat profitable thanks to the amount of money it received from China alone. Now it looks like we are going to receive a Terminator 6 movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger set to star in it again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed his involvement in Terminator 6 during an interview with Kleine Zeitung (via the Playlist).

He said: "In March next year, I am shooting 'Terminator 6,' James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a 'Conan".

The fact that James Cameron is on board for the next film is a good sign. Cameron left the Terminator franchise after the second movie and several other people were involved in making the other films.

It's unlikely Cameron is directing since he's busy working on the Avatar films, but he is likely going to oversee the project. Hopefully a good script and director is on board for this next film.

It is hard to pinpoint though where and when this next movie is going to take place.

The film is not going to follow up Terminator Genisys so we might see some different actors and characters. Cameron did say he wants to make another trilogy, although it remains to be seen if this comes into fruition.

In terms of critical reception, only the first two Terminator films are rated highly. Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys all underwhelmed both crtics and fans alike.

It's been such a very long time since we have seen a good movie from this franchise. Can a sixth movie finally rectify that?

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