Are Howard Stern Wack Packers Jeff The Drunk & High Pitch Erik Beefing?

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Today during the Howard Stern fans may have been introduced to a new beef between Wack Packers Jeff The Drunk and High Pitch Erik as it looks like Periscope is starting yet another feud.

Shuli Egar brought up the fact that Jeff The Drunk's rising follower count on Periscope was causing some issues with other Wack Packers, according to a MarksFriggin recap of the Stern Show.

"Howard said he might have some audio of Joey Boots calling in and getting Jeff pissed. Howard played the clip of Joey calling Jeff and asking if he can help High Pitch Eric get some followers.

Jeff said 'F**k High Pitch!' Joey asked why he's jealous of Eric's fame. Jeff kept hanging up on Joey."

Recently, the Stern Show's official Twitter account shared the tweet above which appears to show Erik's response to Jeff The Drunk. The Stern Show account even alluded to a possible Periscope war between the two Stern personalities.

Between all of this and the end of the Bobo Free Summer, Wack Packer world is really starting to heat up.