Are Freida Pinto and Dev Patel Still an Item?

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It was the love story that enchanted fans everywhere when it translated to real life. Freida Pinto, the award winning actress who first shot to fame when she starred in the hit film Slumdog Millionaire had a romantic relationship with costar Dev Patel beginning in 2008.

They met on the set of Slumdog Millionaire, and from there, the rest was history.

But after 6 years together, the couple broke up.

Still, is it possible that a reunion could be in the works? We could be making a lot out of some chance encounters and quotations, but here are 3 reasons for a possible reunion:

Freida Pinto Speaks Well of Dev Patel

The couple that speaks well of each other stays together? Well, that's not actually how the expression goes.

But seriously, these two have way too many nice things to say about each other. Speaking about her breakup from Dev Patel, Freida Pinto said in 2015 to USA Today:

"Everybody has their own little discoveries to make. Their own surprises, their own disappointments, and they're all part and parcel of life," she says. "There is no way one person can sit down and go, 'But why did this happen to me?' Or, 'It was all going well, what the hell happened?' Or, 'No, this just can't be,' the denial of it."

"Running away from it is not going to help you find your answers. So we're facing it. And we're dealing," she says. "And Dev and I are best friends. That's never going to change."

Freida Pinto Reunites with Dev Patel at Charity Event

Looks like these two have more in common than just the movie making industry. Freida Pinto and Dev Patel reunited at the Pratham USA Los Angeles Charity Dinner in 2015, giving a joint speech together and posing for photographers.

Freida Pinto Attends Golden Globes Pre-Party

Sure she's a movie star in her own right but could Freida Pinto's attendance at the Golden Globes pre-party circuit be the result of Dev Patel's own nomination for a Golden Globe.

Dev Patel may have lost out in the category of best supporting actor, but maybe he'll have an entirely different win in 2017.