Are Ab-Soul Lyrics Inspiring The Partnership Of Gangs In Baltimore?

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There has been speculation appearing on Twitter that is leading fans and followers of Ab-Soul to believe that rival gangs are uniting in Baltimore just as Soul predicted in his song "Terrorist Threats."

Update: Gang Members Deny Coming Together To Harm Cops

"Wish I could see out of Selassie' eye. Maybe my sovereignty would still be mine. If all the gangs in the world unified. We'd stand a chance against the military tonight."

The lyrics above come directly from Souls track that was featured on his album "Control System." The image above was paired with the lyrics of the song alluding to the fact that Ab-Soul's lyrics might have been heard by some of the gang members.

Ab-Soul himself has been retweeting a lot of the fan tweets linking his lyrics and the images they are seeing from the Baltimore Riots but has yet to actually speak on the situation.

The unrest in Baltimore follows the killing of Freddie Gray after he did not receive proper medical attention following his arrest, there have been images that appear to depict gang members from rival gangs uniting against law enforcement. Whether or not there is a direct relation here is unknown but it sure is eerie.

If anything it may be more of a prophecy rather than insightful nature. Is the unification and Soul's lyrics just a coincidence or were they really listening? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

"Terrorist Threats" Music Video

Photo courtesy of thecomeupshow Wikimedia Commons.