'Aquarius' Recap: 'Never Say Never to Always' S1 EP 3

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With the wild surprise at the end of last weeks two-parter, "Aquarius" is sure to be a thrill in the third episode of the first season, "Never Say Never to Always."

Detective Sam Hodiak and his partner Brian Shafe are going to take another stab at finding Charles Manson.

Shafe and officer Charmain Tully (Claire Holt) are going back under cover in order to get answers but not everything is going to go smoothly for them.

Hodiak and Shafe will also have to take on a murder, in which the prime suspect is someone close to Shafe.

Hodiak picks the lock of his ex-wife's house in order to gain information on where his son might have gone. A bus schedule under his bed seems to be clue enough and he's about to leave when a man stops him with a gun to his head.

Turns out his old partner, Detective Ed Cutler, who has been sleeping with Hodiak's ex-wife. Hodiak asks him where his son is and Cutler gives him the only information he knows: Portland.

At the Manson Family ranch Karn is regretting his choice to sleep with Manson. All he wants now is to find Emma, but Manson is making him feel guilty and ashamed for his choices and fear of who he is.

Manson demands another $1,000 before he'll do anything. As Karn's trying to leave a group of people get in his way. He starts blaring his horn and unknowingly gets Emma's attention.

Charmain is in the process of trying to deal with a hooker, but when she goes to pat her down the hooker grabs her and slams her into a desk.

She manages to get the upper-hand but by that time the hooker is pleased enough that she managed to yank out some of Charmain's hair and Cutler has seen.

He sends Charmain off to make coffee, since that's the only thing he thinks she's capable of.

While cleaning his gun, probably as way to distract from worrying over his son, he gest a call from Bruce. Bruce is Manson's prorele officer, or he was.

He's been fired, due to an annonymous call, possibly put in by Karn. Hodiak doesn't seem to distressed by this situation as he pushes it to the bottom of his list of things to deal with.

Hodiak and Shafe talk about where they are in getting Close to Manson. Hodiak brings up Kovic but Shafe doesn't think he's a viable option anymore after he "accidentally" jacked Kovic's knee.

There's some cute banter between the two before Hodiak's interests are peeked by a call that comes in.

Turns out Gladner, the man who ran drugs through his diner, was stabbed to death and the main suspects seems to be Shafe's snitch.

Worried, Shafe tries to go but Hodiak wants him looking for Manson, so he says he'll take care of it.

Hodiak goes to the scene of the crime and runs into his old partner again. Cutler says that they've caught the suspect fleeing from the crime and is in the back of the cop car.

Turns out it is Shafe's snitch in the car. He pleads to Hodiak that he didn't do it.

Shafe is trying to make good with Kovic. He's granted a reset and he asks if they can try to find Manson again. Charmain gets out of the car as if it's her choice to go find Manson. Kovic actually brings them to the ranch.

Safe tells Charmain to leave but she chooses not to. Emma tries to confront Manson about seeing her father.

Manson straight up lies. Tells her that her father doesn't think of her as anything but property and that the money he's getting is what Kent offered up not what Manson demanded.

Charmain pulls a good farce, describing a time that she and Manson met. While it seems that Manson doesn't believe her at first, he accepts her into his ranch.

Share spots Emma and takes Manson up on his offer for "candy." Charmain is stopped by Kovic.

Hodiak calls in his ex-partner in order to demonstrate the way that Gladner was killed.

He makes valid points that conclude that there was no way that the snitch could have murdered Gladner, but Cutler isn't having any of it and walks out.

Hodiak bully's Cutler into letting him look into the case for one day. Hodiak receives a letter that his son wrote him. It only has a sentence or two written on it and a picture of the two of them.

Cutler seems to still care for Hodiak because he comes inin to comfort Hodiak.

Emma's intergration into the cult of Manson is coming along nicely. She's made two good friends, Katie and Sadie, but she still looks suspicious when Manson throws a bundle of cash at her and says they can make a demo.

Hodiak turns up at the ranch with Grace in order to search for her. Hodiak runs into Kovic who tells him that Emma is no longer there.

Grace spots a young girl and asks her how old she is? and if anyone knows she's there? She produces a letter from her mother saying it's okay for her to be there.

She starts to hug Grace, but she's so startled and demands to leave. She's come to the realization that it might not be enough to just to find her.

Manson starts to record his demo singing about true love as Hodiak gets it on with Grace.

Charmain hands out the insults after a compliment from a hooker stirs up office harassment, and does it wonderfully. Insulting a man's penis through his pants, good choice!

Kovic tells Manson about Hodiak coming to look for Emma. He tells Emma and Sadie that they're leaving.

She starts to ask all the normal questions anyone would ask when they are suddenly, and unexpectedly, being taken out and he slaps her. Looks like steps backward for Manson's nice guy routine.

Manson gives Emma and Sadie to the guy who made the demo for them. Emma keeps looking back at him, like she doesn't quite believe that he's essentially prostituting them. Manson then slinks away to call up "dear Kenny," interrupting the argument that Mr.

and Mrs. Karn were in the middle of. He plays Karn the part of his demo when Emma is singing as a creepy reminder that he's got Karn's balls in his hand.

"Never Say Never To Always" throws a nice parallel into the show. Hodiak is searching for his son under the radar and also searching for Grace's child, under the radar.

It'd be interesting if Emma did in fact turn out to be Hodiak's daughter.

For those continuing to watch it week by week, this episodes ended on a lot of cliffhangers, even the murder didn't get solved. However, it's those things that are going to keep "Aquarius" interesting.