'Aquarius' Recap 'Home is Where You're Happy,' S1 Ep4

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The dramatic continuation of last week, the fourth episode of the first season of Aquarius, "Home is Where You're Happy" is going to clear somethings up, dig deeper into other mysteries, and set off a whole new investigation.

Sam Hodiak continues to look into the murder of Gladner, the coffee-hut owner whose business was a front for drugs who was found stabbed to death, for Brian Shafe.

Due to Hodiak's visit Charles Manson, he hides Emma Karn away in case Hodiak comes back again. Meanwhile, Grace is frustrated with the lack of answers and scared by recent events puts more pressure on Hodiak to find her daughter.

The episode begins at the police station, the pictures taken of Gladner's murder spread out over the desk. Hodiak is flipping through pictures of suspects. They're too short, wrong hand, or have an alibi. Shafe suggests that the wife could be the murder.

Cutler buts in to remind them that this is his case and he's just letting them have a crack at it but it seems to be proving fruitless. In order to find Gladner's widow, Hodiak ends up at a strip club, sorry Burlesque theater.

Turns out, she owns it. She doesn't seem very upset about the death. She says she never had keys to the coffee hut and that the two of them hadn't shared much in a long time.

Grace barges into Hodiak's home after the phone call from Manson. She admits to wrongful actions towards Emma, that might have made her want to run away.

Hodiak goes straight to Manson, demanding Emma. Manson starts up his usual act, kissing Hodiak's feet and acting really polite. Hodiak takes none of his shit and instead leaves his business card with Manson, to which he promptly burns.

Hodiak doesn't go far, though. He stakes out the bus, waiting for someone to leave. He knows Manson was telling half truths and that Emma wasn't at the commune but he doesn't believe that Manson doesn't know where she is. He follows Manson to the fellow left Manson left the two girls with. At the same time, nothing is going well for Ken Karn.

He's sleeping in his office and his associates aren't holding up to their end of bargins. Manson goes back for Sadie and Emma, but Fisher tells him that he's gone. Upset, Manson goes at Fischer with a blade.

Hodiak gets called by Cutler, asking if he's got any other suspect. Meaning Hodiak will have to give up on Manson's trail.

At the police station, Shafe goes to see Mike, to see if he'll give his alibi. He tells Shafe he can't because it's about the guy who was Gladner's boss, a pretty important link in the chain. Shafe now wants Mike to take him to that guy.

Cutler is opposed to the idea of letting Shafe take the snitch out.

Hodiak thinks it's a great idea but before any more arguing can take place an officer tells Hodiak that the bar called and his wife is there crying.

Cutler starts to make as if he'll go but Hodiak quickly shuts him down.

At the bar, Opal asks Hodiak to tell him what his not said. So he does. She asks him what is his plans for finding Walt. She tells him the only information she knows, that Walt called Dave Vitrano. He goes to leave but not before wishing her a happy birthday.

Hodiak goes to see Dave, who claims he doesn't know anything. Hodiak asks him why Dave's not in Viet Nam.

He tells him it's because he's a seminarian. Hodiak takes offense to his refusal to fight and leaves. Walt comes out of wherever he was hiding in Dave's house.

Hodiak's back to the strip club where he starts interrogating the workers. Rachel says that Gladner was actually the one who ran and owned the club.

Gladner is strangley like Manson in the way that he makes them feel like family. She reveals that she left her purse and that Marvin, the delivery guy, got it back for her.

Hodiak confronts Marvin in typical Hodiak style. He antagonizes Marvin, who is holding a switch blade at him.

Telling him, quite calmly, what his options are: attack or run.

He even puts his hand behind his head to "make it easier" for Marvin to stab him. Which he doesn't and instead Hodiak breaks his wrists, cuffs him, and brings him back to the station.

Shafe is thankful that Mike is off the hook but they decide not to tell the snitch so that he'll still lead Shafe to his alibi. Cutler tells Hodiak that the lieutenant wants to them. When Cutler goes into the office, he find the lieutenant is dead.

The snitch leads Shafe to a man named Guapo, who he was picking up drugs with when the murder went down.

The situation doesn't work, though, because Guapo already knew that Marvin was arrsted. Shafe runs in when the conversation gets violent.

Hodiak goes into interrogate Marvin and asks him who's idea it was to kill Gardner. Marvin names Hodiak because of the time he beat up Gladner and wrote "snitch" on his forehead. Apparently, Gladner was getting ready to rat out a few of his associates.

Shafe starts to feel guilty about possibly getting Gladner killed. Hodiak feels no remorse for the turn of events.

Hodiak goes to tell the widow that they solved the case and to get a read on her.

He tells her that she's a horrible liar and that he doesn't care about the drugs but if anyone near her dies again, he'll go after her.

Shafe gets a call from his wife, who's crying. He rushes home to thankfully only a slur spray painted on his garage door. Hodiak comes along, as Shafe's painting over it. They talk about family situations.

Shafe invites Hodiak to stay while he finishes painting the garage but he refuses. Shafe calls a an old friend to see if he has any information on Walt.

Probably, also alerting anyone who didn't know or care that Walt is gone.

Karn shows up at the farm with a shot gun, calling for Manson. He blames him and Manson plays the love card, that seems to work so often for him. Emma's watching from a distance as Manson consoles her father. They make contact for the first time but Emma refuses to look at him.

Karn tells Grace that he saw Emma at the commune. He tries to get her to come with him in order to retrieve Emma.

She refuses to go with him, instead she gets Hodiak to accompany her. Before she leaves she tells Karn to leave and that they're no longer his family.

Back at the commune, the acid has kicked in. When Grace first appears before Emma, she is compliant to go home with her. The moment Grace says that Emma doesn't belong with Manson and the rest her trip turns bad.

Freaking out, Emma grabs hold of the shot gun, pointing it first at her mother than at Hodiak.

Hodiak manages to sneak up on her, knocks the gun out of her hands, and slings her over his shoulder. Manson is not worried by this and only tells everyone to calm down, he's sure she'll be back.

"Home is Where You're Happy," is the moral for many characters in this episode. Many having lost the feeling of happiness inside a home or a home altogether. These episodes have a flow to them that makes perfect sense for something that's supposed to be watched all together.

Storylines move through episodes and as soon as one closes another is picked up. There's no real ending to them, it's more like a long movie that's been broken up when ever an hour passes by.