Apple Releases It's Most Touching Holiday Ad 'The Song'

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With their new advertisement "The Song," Apple has brought buyers a new way to create thoughtful gifts that will bring tears to someones eyes in the best way possible.

(Video Below)

"With a Mac, iPhone or iPad you have the power to create thoughtful, emotional gifts and memories that transcend time," according to Apple. "It could be a movie, a homemade card or a song that brings two generations closer together."

That was the caption of the well directed advertisement featuring a special young lady and what appears to be her grandmother.

As she finds an older recording of a message she once sent to her husband while deployed overseas.

The musical message was originally found on a vinyl record, however, her granddaughter turns the song into something beautiful by using the original recording and some new tools to rework it into something magical.

When her grandmother wakes up what she hears emanating from her iPad is so beautiful it brings tears to her eyes.

Watch The Ad Below