App Review: 'Wolfpack App' Where Bromances Begin

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The term "Wolfpack" really took off after the comedy film "The Hangover" hit the big screen.

It's blossomed into a widely used term to refer to a group of friends, which Wolfpack app creator Nile Niami says a friend of his had lost after not keeping in contact with them.

How could a straight male, who is recently divorced, with no friends to hangout jump into a social life once more? In comes the Wolfpack app.

"After users log in, they list their hobbies, interests and a few other details about themselves," according to ABC News.

Users can sign up to attend a Wolfpack event or create their own. If you wanted to have a baseball game and then follow it up with a BBQ and some brews then you'd simply go into the app create the event and strike up a conversation with other guys who have mutual interests and boom, instant meeting.

The app also makes it easy to find events that you might be interested in and get to know some of the people setting them up before you decide to join in.

The app is very easy to use, and very well designed. Women have book clubs and social parties that enable them to stay in touch with a group of friends.

As men get older being social becomes more of a daunting task that at times turns into downright dread.

There have been a few recent films that highlight this such as "I Love You Man" and more recently, "The Wedding Ringer." Both of the main characters in these films had no friends to turn to when they needed a best man and were forced to go looking for one.

In the process, a strong bond was created and just like that, a bromance was created. The creators really honed in on this idea and paired it with a technological approach that makes it fresh and relevant.

Men aren't always comfortable with going out and meeting strangers to form friendships. The app makes it easier because it allows you strike up a conversation before the actual meeting and makes finding conversation at the meetings easier because of the mutual interest filters.

The Wolfpack app really eliminates the weirdness that can come when you meet someone new for the first time and for guys who are looking for a bro that they can hangout the app provides a pretty simple way of doing so.

Overall the app's simplicity and effectiveness makes it pretty useful to men seeking a bromance.

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