App Review: 'Rainy Mood' Might Be The Most Soothing App Available

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Every once in awhile you come across something so simple that would appear to be pointless at first, until you finally try it.

The Rainy Mood website and App is one that you would never think to use but it's so soothing you cant resist. was featured on Buzzfeed as one of the 44 Unique and Useful Websites That Will Change Your Life. Changing your life may be a bit of stretch for the website and app however, to say that it isn't one of the most interesting and effective apps would be a lie. As the article is being prepared the website is running in the background.

Think of the rainy days and thunderstorms we take for granted. The ones that catch you in the perfect moment, maybe you're taking a nap or just laying in your bed reading a book.

Now that you have that image in your head, think about the blissful sounds of a late afternoon to evening thunderstorm.

The rain drops outside and on your window mixed with the seldom low rumble of thunder is all captured in this website and its app.

At first you may think that it's one of the most useless apps or websites ever created, however, if you ever have trouble sleep trying turning all the lights off and turning on the sounds of Rainy Mood and you'll figure out that it is much more.

According to the App Description it contains: "Stunning high-resolution HD audio. Enhanced 48kHz sample rate for better-than-CD quality." The description also says that the all-new sounds were recorded by the world's top audio engineers who have also done work for Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and BBC. There are the various sounds of rain hitting different surfaces and 100+ unique thunder claps.

If you prefer not to have the thunder you can turn it all the way off and turn up the rain.

It gets even better, the Rainy Mood app works simultaneously with your music library or even Spotify. If you think it gets in the way, surprisingly, it works just fine.

If you're someone who enjoys the sounds of a nice blissful thunderstorm, then this app is for you. If you're more and ocean person or peaceful summer day then this may not be your cup of tea.

Either way it's simplicity at its best that just works extremely well. The app cost $3.99 but you can have free unlimited bliss by visiting their website.