Anticipating 'MOTM3' & 'SBTH' : How Kid Cudi Inspired Individuality With 'Man On The Moon'

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As a rapper Kid Cudi chose a different route.

He set himself aside from the rest of the hype crowd, gangster rap and conscious rap by creating a style all his own and if you think he's just starting that trend with social media you're entirely wrong.

Cudi has been release bits a pieces about his upcoming project, "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" & "Man On the Moon 3" (MOTM3) in which he enlisted Plain Pat and Emile return as producers on the project.

Pat and Emile were the first producers who were featured on his first mixtape titled, "A Kid Named Cudi," Cudi has his hit song "Day N Nite" which put him in the shows of a "lonely stoner." It went through the crazy ins and outs of the hallucinations and affects for smoking alone.

However, don't blame "Day N Nite" for his message of individuality the real culprit on the "A Kid Named Cudi" was his track titled, "Man On The Moon."

"I never gave a f**k, I never a f**k about what n****s thought about me. I mean I did but like f**k it you know what I'm sayin'.

You gon' love me, man," said Cudi in the songs opening.

From the inception of his career, Cudi set out to make music that was different from the round-the-way traditional rap.

His approach led to criticism or skepticism by those listening as you can tell from the songs intro, but in the end Cudi had a "f**k it" kind of reaction.

"I be that man on the moon, I'm that man on the moon," sang Cudi in the track. "And imma do what I do so, Do you hey hey."

The idea of being a man on the moon places Cudi not only in an unreachable place but in his own space where he can express his creativity. If it meant having to alienate himself from the rest of the crowd then that's what he did.

The message of individuality and ones own creativity has been with Cudi from his early days as a new artist and it's something he continues to fight for, especially the fact that "artists" have a choice.

Recently he took to Twitter to advocate the artists choice of whether or not they want their music streamed.

His mode of self expression continues to shine throughout social media today, however, fans should always remember that he's always been sending the message.

This pattern hasn't strayed from Cudi and his eclectic style, futuristic sound and individual way of thinking has yielded some of the greatest work for an Indie/Hip-Hop artist.

Fans have been treated to little teasers of "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" here and there of the writing process as well as some behind the scenes information, such as the track that makes him cry when he listens to it.

The fact that Cudi plans on releasing two albums this year is great news for fans, however, it looks like "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven," will be coming before "MOTM3."

Photo courtesy of J. Rivera Flickr/Wikimedia Commons.