Anthony Cumia Weighs In On McKinney, Texas Controversy

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Anthony Cumia isn't afraid to share his opinion. The more controversial the topic, the more likely he is to opine.

The latest controversy he is commenting on is the McKinney, Texas video of a police officer forcefully breaking up a party. It is the latest in a line of videos that show law enforcement using force against minorities.

Cumia, however, is not buying the excessive force angle that many media outlets are taking. In his first tweet on the subject, he linked to an article from the Dallas Morning Views Blog commenting on the issue.

He mocked the writer, and said "Oh! The Drama." This was in response to the writer lamenting the fact that the handcuffed girl was shouting for her mother while being apprehended.

This was, however, the first of many tweets. Moments later, he tweeted, "Interact with the police like the millions of people who aren't being beating or shot every year.

What d you say? Give that a shot." He left a hashtag reading "McKinney" after his post, making it clear what subject he was talking about.

"Why is non compliance," he stated in a following tweet, "arguing, and resisting police looked at as acceptable behavior? This trend will result in more unnecessary conflicts."

His Twitter page is also littered with opinions on a wider array of topics.

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