Anthony Cumia Tells Keith Olbermann He's an **shole

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Liberal gasbag Keith Olberman came out on the losing end of a Twitter war with SiriusXM host Greg "Opie" Hughes earlier this week and in the middle of it he decided to take an ill-informed shot at Opie's former partner Anthony Cumia.

Cumia put the low-rated host who helms "Olbermann" on ESPN2 in his place on Twitter.

Calling Cumia a racist is an ill-informed cheap shot that shows that in Olbermann's ultra-liberal world, anyone who talks about race is somehow a racist.

Cumia openly addresses issues of race on new "The Anthony Cumia Show" as he did during his 20 years working with Opie on "Opie and Anthony." He has been a critic of people who attack the police in the Ferguson, Missouri shooting case, pointing out that if you don't attack an officer, you won't get shot and killed.

Olbermann fell into Opie's crosshairs when he showed he had no sense of humor in calling people who dress up as Ray Rice for Halloween as being "The Worst People In The World," during one of his show's trademark segments.

Opie correctly pointed out that you can find comedy in things that are horrible and Olbermann's comments showed that he lacked a sense of humor.

Cumia's show, which costs $6.99 a month, can be heard at