Anthony Cumia Supports Chris Rock

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Chris Rock went on "Saturday Night Live" Saturday night and delivered the show's funniest opening monologue in years.

The former "SNL" cast member basically did a stand-up routine, but it was a viciously funny one which wrung laughs out of topics which lesser comedians would have bombed with. Rock riffed on 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, and other sensitive topics.

Though the routine was funny and not done just to be shocking, it, of course was attacked by the politically correct crowd.

These are the people with no sense of humor, a perpetual stick up their ass, and desire to say "too soon," as if they somehow have the right to be the judge of what we can laugh at or comedians can joke about.

Anthony Cumia, who has himself been the victim of the liberal scolding crowd, took to Twitter to speak up on Rock's behalf.

These are the same sanctimonious jerks eager to label Cumia a racist because he talks about race.

Apparently Mediaite, which was started by ex MSNBC editorial boss Dan Abrams, is a hotbed for news people who don't get the joke and they include Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, who proved that PC can come from both side of the political spectrum.

"When you say that the conduct of erecting the Freedom Tower in the same spot is arrogant...when you resort to that kind of comment in an insane, overblown, horrific way that, then you're doing a disservice to comedy, too," Johnson said.

"It may be a funny joke for Chris Rock, but is it funny and good for America?" Johnson said. "In the end, i don't think it's funny for anybody."

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