Anthony Cumia Calls Out #HandsUpDontShoot

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Anthony Cumia know bulls*** when he see it and the outspoken radio host is not afraid to point it out when he see it.

Cumia took to Twitter Tuesday to share his feelings on the #HandsUpDontShoot campaign which ostensibly is an awareness drive to stop police from shooting people who have their hands up.

The only issue is, Cumia correctly says, is that's not a problem.

The hashtag grew out of the idea that police in Ferguson, Mo shot Michael Brown even though he was cooperating and unarmed.

That idea is not consistent with the reality of the situation as the autopsy report from that shooting showed Brown's gunshot wounds included a shot in the hand at close range.

"The detail could lend credence to Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson's account that he and the unarmed African-American teenager scuffled at his patrol car before Brown was shot and killed," CNN reported,

Wilson told investigators that during a struggle for his pistol inside a police SUV, Brown pressed the barrel of Wilson's gun against the officer's hip, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, citing a source with knowledge of his statements.

The officer tried to prevent Brown from reaching the trigger, the source told the newspaper, and when he thought he had control, he fired. But Brown's hand was blocking the mechanism, the Post-Dispatch reported.

Wilson said he fired two shots, and Brown was hit in the hand and ran. He told investigators that he fired again when Brown turned back and charged at him, according to the paper.

This was not a case of an innocent man with his hands up being gunned down by police.

Perhaps that even happens, but it's certainly not common and it's unlikely an officer would get away with it given the level of scrutiny fatal shootings are given.

Cumia, who hosts "The Anthony Cumia Show" which can be found at" is a rare voice willing to point out what actually happened.