Another Year At Hogwarts Begins (If It Were Real)

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September 1st marks the day when Hogwarts new term begins and it is such a prolific day, that Twitter almost broke from it.

The term 'Hogwarts' took over the Trending charts, as Harry Potter fans wished they were on their way to Hogwarts, instead of whatever school/job they go to everyday.

Beyond the Harry Potter films, Hogwarts is every students dream. A massive magical castle filled with beauty and mystery.

And most importantly, everything feels comfortable, as opposed to a real castle which is normally cold and heartless.

The good news for everyone is that there is an online hogwarts (like the Phoenix University of Wizardry Schools) where over 20,000 students learn about the pretend magic world.

So if you're longing for the days of Harry Potter, fear not. You can always sit back and watch dozens of hours of movies and special features, or wait for the new Harry Potter book to be released.

Yes that's right. J.K Rowling announced she is writing 2 more books in the magic world, and fans are anxious to get there paws on them.

Here are some of the tweets today as 'Hogwarts' trends: