Is Another Travis Scott Project Coming?

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This year Travis Scott has managed to break out of the emerging artist crowd and go straight to the big leagues with his album Rodeo.

Now, it looks like Scott is back to making music which could be good things for fans.

Scott tweeted the single word "studio" late yesterday hinting towards the fact that he was back in a place that allows him to make more music that fans can enjoy.

The tweet came a couple of days after Scott retweeted Wiz Khalifa, who announced that Juicy J had created a new beat for the "Bake Sale" track featuring Khalifa and Scott.

The original beat for the song was sold by the creator which sent Scott on a Twitter rant.

Both Khalifa and Scott are pretty amped for the release of "Bake Sale" and the hype behind the track could result in an early release. Meanwhile, Scott plead guilty to charges of reckless conduct for encouraging his fans to rage hard, which caused the crowd to become unruly and climb over security barricades.

Scott told Clique that he enjoyed chaos and enjoyed seeing a congregation of individuals to be able to lose their minds to some music, during a video interview.

Despite the minor setback, Scott has had an incredible breakout year and his latest tweet shows signs of much more to come.

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