Is Another Cyrus On the Rise? Noah Cyrus To Perform On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

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Over the past 10 years, the world has watched Miley Cyrus transform from innocent Disney star to writhing, ranting pop icon.

Now, another Cyrus may just be poised to take over the reins in operating as most controversial family member.

Noah Cyrus has launched her music career and in the past few months has been making increasingly public statements about her forthcoming, first studio album.

Noah Cyrus's first song, "Make Me Cry." in collaboration with Labrinth, debuted in 2016 and has climbed the charts to land in the top 50 of the US iTunes sales chart.

The song is a powerful ballad about the costs of being in a relationship and how being with someone can sometimes make you feel more alone than if you broke up with someone.

Now, Noah Cyrus will be performing "Make Me Cry" with Labrinth on an upcoming episode of the "Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on January 30th.

Noah Cyrus has said that she counts Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga as her major influences for her music.

Still, country music is very much in her genes and she notes that this is a genre of music that has played a major role in defining her artistic side as well.

Reportedly, Miley Cyrus has been instrumental in giving Noah advice on her foray into the music industry. Per Rolling Stone, Noah has said:

"Miley always says, 'Don't ever look yourself up or read your comments, 'cause you're gonna see stuff that you don't want to see,'" she quotes. "That's the best advice ever. If it's making me happy, then it's working."

Will Noah Cyrus's fame wind up eclipsing that of Miley Cyrus? Is the world ready for another Cyrus? Well, so far, it looks like Noah has kept her focus on the music rather than construction of an elaborate image to go along with her performances.

But we'll see what happens with her upcoming performance on the Tonight Show. Hopefully, there won't be any foam fingers with this Cyrus!

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