Annette Bening and Ellen DeGeneres Discuss Her Husband's Ellen Crush

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When Warren Beatty visited The Ellen Show, he revealed that he had a huge crush on her and now, his wife, Annette Bening, stopped by to chat about her husband's crush and more.

DeGeneres wanted to know if Bening was aware of her husband's crush and she was indeed. Bening said that Beatty talked about her all of the time but she never told him that the crush would be fruitless.

The couple has been married for 25 years and DeGeneres wondered who the better gift giver was. Beatty is better but Bening said it's because she was easy to get gifts for.

Bening told an amazing story about a pin that she had lost in an earthquake and how her husband managed to find it for her.

DeGeneres raved about Bening's acting ability and asked her to share a synopsis about her new film 20th Century Women.

After a brief synopsis of the film, DeGeneres congratulated Bening on her future Oscar nomination simply because she is that great.

You can watch the awesome interview between Bening and DeGeneres in The Ellen Show video below.

Annette Bening and Ellen DeGeneres Discuss Her Husband's Ellen Crush

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