Anna Faris Gives Hilarious Intimate Advice on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

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The Ellen DeGeneres show was turned into somewhat of an intimate advice show when Anna Faris and DeGeneres began answering questions from the studio audience.

Faris holds her own podcast called, Anna Faris is Unqualified, and her most recent guest happened to be Rosie O'Donnell. The hilarious factor of it all is that Faris is pushing not so great relationship advice from celebrities who are completely unqualified.

DeGeneres and Faris discussed the podcast before diving into a few questions from the audience, most of them on the intimacies of a relationship.

One audience member asked Faris about "phone sex" as her husband is sitting right next to her. She said that she is much too shy when it comes to doing it and asked Faris if she had any tips. Before Faris could answer, DeGeneres says that it must happen a lot to her because her husband, Chris Pratt is always out of town.

After a bit of laughter, Faris began to answer the question, reminding the audience that she is completely unqualified. She also said that men do not care about what the woman is saying so she could pretty much start anyway.

Then out of nowhere, DeGeneres began dishing out some advice urging the couple to talk about what they want.

Later on a mother with college-aged sons wanted some advice on how to keep quiet when her kids are at home. To this, Faris suggested keeping the shower on, however, DeGeneres reminded her that there was a drought going on and suggested that a leaf-blower might be a better fix.

You can check out the hilarious excerpt from the show below.

Check out Faris and DeGeneres answering intimate questions below.