Angry Grandpa Was Not Happy With Super Bowl 50's Outcome

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If you were watching Super Bowl 50 last night, you were either stunned by the defensive performance of the Denver Broncos or shocked at how little the Carolina Panthers did on offense.

The game didn't go the way many would expect, especially for the Angry Grandpa who had a pretty harsh reaction to the loss.

Angry Grandpa a.k.a. Charles Green, was decked out in his Carolina Panthers jersey but what he saw on the screen made him react in a way that a lot of Panthers fans probably wanted to.

After the Broncos scored the touchdown that pretty much sealed the fate of the Panthers Angry Grandpa became irate.

He picked up the big flat screen TV and threw it to the ground. He then continued to smash the television while repeatedly saying, "Damn you Cam Newton."

Green's son Michael began shouting that there was still time left and that the Panthers could have come back. Well, we all saw how the game played out and that wasn't the case at all.

The TV was completely destroyed and Angry Grandpa continued to throw all sorts of items at the TV. The Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers with the final score of 24-10. Many thought that Newton and the Panthers would be lobbing up touchdowns left and right but the Broncos defense got the best of them. If you're a Carolina fan and you're taking the loss pretty bad, check out the video below.

Check out 'Angry Grandpa's Super Bowl 50 Freakout' below.