'Angry Grandpa' Get's His Father's Day Ruined By KidBehindaACamera

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Well it looks like "The Angry Grandpa Show" got a little real when Angry Grandpa a.k.a. Charles Green got his Father's Day ruined by KidBehindACamera.

Michael Green tried following Jimmy Kimmel's challenge to serve your dad breakfast in the shower.

(Videos Below)

While everyone else was out having brunch or catching up with their dads and granddads this weekend Michael Green and Angry Grandpa were at each other's throats once again.

It all begins with Jimmy Kimmel's challenge to serve you dad breakfast in the shower.

Green took some of his Grandpa's favorite breakfast items which included eggs, biscuits with sausage gravy and pancakes "loaded with syrup," and doused his grandfather while he took a shower.

Angry Grandpa was, well, he was angry and began ranting like crazy. He also threw some of the food back at KidBehindACamera.

Things continued to go downhill when Green and the Angry Grandpa got into again over grilling and the fact that Green used the money he set aside for Angry Grandpa's Father's Day present to replace the wrestlers that he broke.

All in all it was an "Un-Happy Father's Day" indeed. Check out the hilarious videos below.

"Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Served My Dad Breakfast in the Shower" Video Below

"Unhappy Father's Day" Vide Below