Amy Schumer Visits The Ellen Show

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Actress/comedian Amy Schumer has been in the news lately after she has been constantly fat-shamed on the internet.

Last week she had to cancel her appearance on The Ellen Show, however, she made up for it this week with an, as expected, hilarious visit.

During the interview, DeGeneres and Schumer covered a pretty wide array of topics, including Schumer being fat-shamed after it was announced that she might be in a Barbie movie. Schumer said throughout her career, she has been bullied and she did build a thicker skin for it.

She also realized that she truly is beautiful and her confidence is still high no matter what. In fact, she believes the people who are making the fat-shaming comments are hurting more than anyone could possibly imagine.

OMG @AmySchumer is hilarious. Wait till you hear this story tomorrow.

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It wasn't all about fat-shaming during the visit, Schumer spoke about a movie she is doing with Goldie Hawn and got to hang out with Kate Hudson. Schumer joked that they went to swim with the dolphins and on her bucket list, it was high up on there to be photographed in a bathing suit next to Hudson.

DeGeneres couldn't control her laughter during the interview. Schumer even told DeGeneres about the time she was a bartender at lesbian bar, along with her obsession with stuffed animals.

You can watch Amy Schumer's hilarious interview from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

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