Amy Schumer does the Ice Bucket Challenge, Sort Of

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Amy Schumer is the most recent celebrity to join ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Unless you live under a rock, in the wilderness, on another planet, you've heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. There are tens of thousands of videos all over the internet of people doing the challenge and raising money for ALS and many of these people are celebrities.

Amy Schumer jumped on the band wagon with her home video of the Ice Bucket Challenge only she had a little surprise for her fans.

She was able to spice things up a bit by replacing the ice and water with Clam Chowder, making for a hilarious video.

Check out Schumer's addition to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

Schumer's big break came on when she appeared on Comedy Central's "Last Comic Standing." Since then she has appeared in all things comedy from the two Comedy Central Roasts (Charlie Sheen & Roseanne Barr) to various Television sitcoms. She currently has her own show on Comedy Central, "Inside Amy Schumer" which airs on Tuesday nights at 10:30.

Schumer is currently on a comedy tour that will continue through the year's end in to 2015 and will see her performing coast to coast.