Amy Poehler Or Tina Fey Should Replace Jon Stewart As The New 'The Daily Show' Host

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To have a comedic background and be able to poke fun at certain stories in mainstream news is not an easy task but with Jon Stewart's recent announcing to the audience of "The Daily Show" that he will be leaving someone has to fill the spot.

Stewart announced that he would be leaving "The Daily Show" and his presence will be missed by those who tuned in to watch him on Comedy Central.

With the announcement Stewart also said it was time for someone else to have a shot which implies that there are plans to continue the show without him.

So who should be the front runners? Well, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are two names that have been coming up in early speculation and both seem to stand out as perfect candidates for the task.

"Amy Poehler also has ties to the cabler as an exec producer of "Broad City," and she's just wrapped her seven-season run as the star of NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' according to Variety. Poehler has solidified herself as one of the great comedians especially from her time on Saturday Night Live.

Both she and Fey also did a wonderful job during their 2015 Golden Globes monologue where they addressed issues such as Bill Cosby's rape accusations, racial problems that still exist today and even jokingly played fun at George Clooney receiving a lifetime achievement award while his wife's accommodations in real life remained unrewarded.

Fey is famous for her countless impressive comedic performances on "SNL," "30 Rock" and hilarious portrayal of Sarah Palin.

She as well as Poehler show dedication in their craft and may be the best fits to replace Stewart who shows the same dedication on "The Daily Show."

In his announcement Stewart said that 17 years is the longest that he has been able to hold the job but feels that it is time for someone else to have a shot at it. The beloved host of "The Daily Show," also told fans that there isn't any immediate plans yet and that he will still be working on the show until Comedy Central can find a replacement.

The announcement seemed to be more of Stewart needing rest and time to spend with his family. Stewart said that he was honored and privilege to be on the show and thank all viewers for tuning it.

So with all of the experience that both Poehler and Fey have their names are well deserving of the speculation around them being candidates to replace Stewart, perhaps it would be even better if the two were to co-anchor the show? Wishful thinking maybe, but it could be a pretty awesome idea.