'American Ninja Warrior: USA vs. World' Recap, S6 E15

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On tonight's season finale NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" Team USA took on Team Japan and Team Europe in an international competition at the Las Vegas reconstruction of the Mount Midoriyama course.

Team USA and Team Japan each featured the top five members from their respected television program, while Team Europe consisted of five elite athletes from around the world. Team USA consisted of Brian Arnold, Paul Kasemir, Travis Rosen, Joe "The Weatherman Marovsky, and Elet Hall.

Team Japan featured Kazuma Asa, Hitoshi Kanno, Ryo Matachi, Yusuke Morimoto, and Shingo Yamamoto. Finally the European team was made up of Stefano Ghisolfi, Vadym Kuvakin, Sean McColl, Tim "Livewire" Sheiff, and Miska Sutela.

In each stage, three competitors from each team competed in a heat, and whichever won each heat earned a point. In stage one Team USA won heats one and three, with Marovsky and Kasemir setting times that Team Japan and Team Europe couldn't beat.

Team Europe's captain Tim Sheiff set a record time in heat two earning them one point.

None of Japan's competitors were able to complete the course, and at the end of stage one Team USA led with two points, with Team Europe in second place with one, and Team Japan in last with zero.

Each heat in the second stage was worth two points and in this stage the Americans won heats one and two with Brian Arnold and Travis Rosen finishing the course with the top times, and they added four more points to their total. Team Europe was able to gain two points by winning heat three with Sean McColl taking the top time.

And the problems for the Japanese team continued, as they did not have a competitor finish the course.

So after stage two Team USA led with six points, Team Europe was in second with three points, and Team Japan remained stuck in the basement with zero points.

The heats in stage three were worth three points, and in the first two heats the European team jumped from second place to the lead by winning both. The third heat belonged to the Americans however, as Brian Arnold became the very first American to complete stage three, and he was able to tie the score up at 9-9 with Team Europe.

Teams Europe and Japan also made history as Stefano Ghisolfi, Yusuke Morimoto and Ryo Matachi, also completed the stage three course. And for the first time in "American Ninja Warrior" history the competitors would face stage four.

The fourth stage consisted of an intense 77-foot rope climb, and Team USA faced off against Team Europe to decide who be the champions.

Travis Rosen posted a time of 35.77 seconds, and it would be up to Sean McColl to top that time for Europe to be crowned champions.

He was able to beat Rosen's time by .31 seconds, and Team Europe went home international champions for this season of "American Ninja Warrior."

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