'American Ninja Warrior' Las Vegas Finals Recap, S6 E14

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On tonight's new episode of NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" the finalists from the sixth season met in Las Vegas to take on the tough obstacle course that gave the competitors no mercy in their attempts to become the first ever successful champion.

18 elite athletes from varying athletic backgrounds took on the course, which was modeled after Japan's Mount Midoriyama course. After the second stage, only two competitors were able to complete the course and advance to stage three.

Joe Marovksy, a 25 year-old weatherman from Connecticut proved to viewers and competitors that last year wasn't a fluke as he advanced to stage third for the second year in a row.

After failing to make it to third stage for the past two years, "The Natural" Elet Hall will join Marovsky as the only two competitors remaining in the quest to become the first "American Ninja Warrior." Favorites to win the competition, including the overall favorite Brian Arnold and other competitors from previous years' finals, were eliminated from the competition.

Stage three is the first course that does not have a time limit that competitors are trying to beat. It features eight different obstacles that push their physical strength and endurance to the limit. No competitor has ever made it to stage four, and tonight thing's wouldn't change.

Elet Hall took on the course first and didn't make it past the third obstacle. Marovsky made it to the second farthest point that a competitor has ever made it, failing on the sixth obstacle.

The sixth season made show history as for the first time a woman was able to successfully complete the course in the qualifiers.

It was not a feat shared by one woman, however, as two more female competitors were also able to complete the course.

Unfortunately for viewers none of three woman were able to successfully make it past the first stage of the finals, and they will have to wait until next year to compete again.

On next week's new episode, which airs at 8/7c on NBC, Team USA will try defend their title against Team Japan and Team Europe in an international competition. For more information and content on the show visit nbc.com.