Amber Rose Reveals Nerdy Past

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Kayne's ex-girl and Wiz Khalifa's now wife and baby mama is known for being, well, hot.

She has been the fantasy for plenty of men around the world and yet it turns out she might be more like us then we originally thought.

Growing up she apparently loved New Kids On The Block, drew on paper plates, and had a serious case of nerd glasses.

Amber Rose, self proclaimed 'Muva', posted on Instagram some fantastic #TBT photos on her Instagram. Usually her account is filled with a slew of sexy photos and the products she pushes (might as well use your fame for something). And sure, there is the usual food pictures, family affairs and concert photos too.

What she revealed in her old family photos is pure gold. Her childhood is well represented as being humble and she also posted a photo of her and her father. She commented on that photo in Twitter:

All the girls had a crush on my dad & all the boys had a crush on my mom when I was younger....Its cool now but back then it was annoying :-)

Take a browse through these beauties and remember that this girl turned out to be one of the most coveted girl in the hip-hop world.

Behind the ever popular Kardashian girls. After taking in these photos, the term 'nerdy' is a little harsh here, I mean aren't we all pretty embarrassed by our old photos growing up?

Either way, they are amazing!