'The Amazing SpiderDad' Honors His Son Who Lost His Life To Brain Cancer

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You might remember the first video of "The Amazing SpiderDad" who showed up to greet little Jayden Wilson while he was fighting for his life.

In a tragic turn, Wilson lost his life during the battle but "The Amazing SpiderDad" shows up once more to honor his son's memory.

(Video Below)

The video surfaced on Reddit recently, and was originally posted to Mike Wilson's YouTube Channel. The first video showed SpiderDad meeting his son to bring a smile to his son's face while helping him meet his favorite superhero.

"To make his son's dream a reality, Wilson sneaked away from Jayden's fifth birthday party in August and put on a custom-made, replica costume to become Spider-Dad," reported Today back in December 2014.

"A free runner and parkour athlete, Wilson leaped from the roof of their home in south-central England to surprise Jayden, and disguised his voice to allow his son to believe he was meeting his favorite superhero."

5-year-old Jayden had a cancerous brain tumor that ultimately led to him losing his 18 month battle with the disease according to Wilson's caption.

Wilson set out to create another video to honor this son but this time it was in the form of an incredibly well done short film.

"The SpiderDad Film was inspired by my son Jayden who sadly lost his 18 month battle at Christmas to a Grade 4 Brain Stem Tumor called, Glyoblastoma Multi-Forme," wrote Wilson in the caption of the video.

"Before he died, we began filming with the full intention of giving Jayden his very own Premiere at home, with drinks and popcorn. Just like at the cinema.

I was very passionate about making this look and feel as real as possible for our little super hero.

Even to the finest details of webbing effects, stunts, the Spiderman suit and generally providing a feel good energy about the film."

"Sadly, the little fighter became very ill, and his very own Premiere wasn't able to happen," he continued.

"It became a dedication project to the bravest, and most courageous little boy we know, always willing to give a smile and thumbs up at even the most difficult of times.

In addition, we wanted this to also raise awareness and money for the charity who gave our family so much support whilst caring for Jayden, as well as the continued after care for our entire family and his big sister Ella."

Wilson stated that he has been working closely with his YouTube partner, Rightster / Flow to "help with the promotion and monetization of the video, as 100% the money raised through Views and Ads will go direct to Naomi House."

This is truly one of the most touching stories and Wilson has surely made his son proud and honored his name in every way.

More about the Hope For Jayden Campaign as well as the Naomi House project is listed in Wilson's video caption. Check out "The Amazing SpiderDad" short film below.

Watch Mike Wilson's new "Amazing SpiderDad Tribute" to his son Jayden.

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