Amazing Double Trick Shot From Trampoline

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This might be one of the best trick-shot videos of the year so far by a single person.

If you think making one trick-shot on your own is hard enough think about what it's like to make two shots while bouncing on a trampoline.

(Video Below)

The video titled, "Two flips Two basketballs One incredible trick shot," is circulating on Reddit and it's for plenty of good reason. In the video YouTuber Kevin Libertowski really makes a huge case for an ESPN top play. He begins by bouncing on a trampoline with one ball between his feet and the other in his hands.

He takes a big leap throwing one ball slightly so that it takes a hop and the other is release from his feet and thrown in the middle of a flip.

Both basketballs go directly into the net without even touching the backboard.

"To answer some questions you may have the shot is 100% real, it's not fake," said Libertowski in the caption of his video.

"The first shot was supposed to bounce in so the balls go in simultaneously. And yes this shot took many attempts to get both to go in at the same time."

You can check out the awesome video below.

Watch the awesome double trick-shot below.