Amanda Seyfried & Stewie Griffin The Doppelganger Special

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They are the only two people on earth that have better peripheral vision than regular vision.

God created man in his own image and hammerhead sharks in Amanda Seyfried's image.

If you wanted to look Amanda Seyfried in the eye when you talked to her you'd literally have to pick one.

Ok I'll stop now.

I think human-cartoon comparisons are more like a malt liquor whereas human-human comparison are better suited for a more a refined palette, like a fine aged Chablis.

But this is mean enough that I had to go ahead and make like Chuck D and hit that St. Ides.

I don't even dislike Amanda Seyfried. In fact, I want to date her and kiss her all over. Even in the privates. But putting people down makes me feel so much better about myself how I can resist?

Also, I want a job as a writer for the Family Guy so I'm hoping Seth MacFarlane will see this and hire me.

Pray for me you guys xo